ExecTech Coaching

ExecTech Coaching is like a weekly one-on-one workshop through the telephone. Anyone can benefit from Coaching including your spouse, partner, associate, office manager and key employees.

While ExecTech consulting focuses on the success of your practice, ExecTech Coaching focuses on your personal performance.

ExecTech Coaching is delivered in weekly sessions by telephone. The coaching sessions take 30 to 90 minutes. Like consulting, you and your coach work out a series of simple action steps for you do to between sessions.

For example, you read about how to handle difficult people. You and your coach discuss and role-play a step-by-step routine for calming people down. Within minutes, you grasp the skill and are ready to try it.

You use this new technique with your next difficult patient. The patient calms down and cooperates. Instant results! The skill is yours for life.

In another coaching session, you learn how to deal with excuses. You and the coach go over an article on the types of “reasonable explanations” you hear from patients and staff. You learn a new approach for bypassing these excuses and instilling responsibility.

During the week, you recognize excuses like, “Patients are canceling because it’s really hot today” or “I can’t pay my co-pay because I’m switching checking accounts.”

Instead of agreeing with these explanations, you help people take responsibility. You even get past a few excuses of your own, like “The economy is wrecking my practice” or “I can’t afford good staff.”

At each weekly coaching call, you develop or improve another skill. If you have difficulty using a skill, you go back and work it over with your coach until you master it. You constantly improve your performance.

Skills Learned from Performance Coaching

ExecTech coaching modules currently include 126 skills. You can see a list here.

The First Step coaching module introduces you to coaching by giving you new comprehension skills, increasing your ability to control yourself and others, and setting and prioritizing goals.

The People Skills coaching modules give you several verbal skills to talk to anyone about anything. You identify and remove communications that are bad for your practice. You learn to identify and predict certain people’s behavior. You learn techniques that make people cheer up.

The Productivity coaching modules show you how to get more done in less time, bring out your passion, deal with greater responsibilities, increase efficiency, remove distractions and channel your attention.

The Personal Power module boosts your confidence, courage and energy. You resolve bad habits that stop you from using your potential.

The Financial Management module helps you establish a step-by-step procedure for reviewing your finances, making spending decisions, reducing your overhead and improving your credit.

The Staff Management module trains you on dozens of staff management skills including staff relations, staff meetings, performance reviews and more.

How Coaching is Conducted

You schedule your coaching sessions for an hour each week, at your convenience—home or office. You do not travel nor lose production time. You move through the coaching modules at your own speed.

Your coach can also act as your life counselor or personal-success coach. He or she can discuss anything you like, while giving you tools to improve yourself, one step at a time.

For example, ExecTech coaches have helped clients with family issues, depression, anger, grief, personality conflicts, addictions, difficult people and divorces.

Whatever blocks your success can be addressed and reduced, or permanently eliminated, with the skills you gain from ExecTech coaching.

How Performance Coaching Is Different from Consulting

Consulting is for practice owners while coaching is for everyone.

Consulting focuses on production and profit while coaching focuses on your abilities.

Consulting deals with your immediate needs while coaching gives you lifetime skills.

Consulting helps you make good decisions with advice and support. Coaching builds your personal power through gradual, stable improvements.

ExecTech consultants and coaches work together as a team. They are well trained for their jobs and dedicated to your success.

Both consulting and coaching are essential to better control, stronger performance and long-term success.