How to Create Your A-Team

When all of your staff members are A performers, you have an A-Team and your success is guaranteed. When most of your staff members are B performers, you have an average practice. To the degree you employ C and D employees, you fail.

“How to Create Your A-Team” describes all four types of employees with 15 characteristics for each. The nine-page guideline also includes:

  • How to Analyze Your Staff Members
  • Ten Important Facts You Need to Know about Employees
  • Ten Signs You Have C and D Employees
  • Ten Benefits of an A-Team
  • Top Ten Challenges to Creating Your A-Team
  • The Five-Step Plan for Creating Your A-Team
  • Ten Ways ExecTech Can Help You Create Your A-Team
  • ExecTech’s 15-Point ABCD Staff Member Analysis Form

If you follow the steps in “How to Create Your A-Team,” you will have the team of your dreams.

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Your extraordinary future begins when you employ extraordinary people.


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