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ABCD Staff Member Analysis Tool

As covered in ExecTech’s free guideline, “How to Create Your A-Team,” each of your employees is either an A: High Performer, a B: Adequate Performer, a C: Poor Performer or a D: Negative Employee.

When you and all of your staff members are A-performers, you have an A-Team and your success is guaranteed. When you and most of your staff members are B-performers, you have an average practice. To the degree you employ C- and D-employees, you fail.

For a quick analysis of a staff member, select the choice that best describes him or her for these fifteen characteristics and click “SUBMIT.” The next screen will give you an analysis and recommendations. You can use it to evaluate yourself, as well.

Staff Member Name or Initials
1. Productivity
2. Energy
3. Work Area
4. Ability to Learn
5. Compliance
6. Supervision
7. Leadership
8. Promotion
9. Personal Problems
10. Job-performance Barriers
11. Dependability
12. Appearance
13. Words Used
14. Personality
15. Value to Practice