About ExecTech

ExecTech was formed in February 1991 by three consultants with one purpose: to help practice owners reach their goals. We found the most effective way to do this, and to help you earn greater profits with less stress, is by providing you with face-to-face tailor-made consulting and performance coaching completely based on implementation.

Unlike other consulting firms, ExecTech’s help does not consist of motivational seminars in distant locations, cookie-cutter advice or recommendations that you cannot use. While other consultants may come into your practice once or twice a year, if at all, ExecTech works with you and your staff every month.

ExecTech works exclusively with medical, dental and optometric practice owners and specializes in consulting for the following areas for practices:

  • Public Relations
  • Marketing
  • Review Websites
  • Web Presence
  • First Impressions for Patients
  • Staff Hiring, Training, Managing and Termination
  • Patient Management
  • Collections
  • Plan Management
  • Time Management
  • People Skills
  • Overhead Management
  • Motivation
  • Strategic Planning

Our Purpose

To help practice owners increase their personal income, reduce their stress levels and reach their goals. At ExecTech, we are interested in YOU.

  • Are you earning the profit you deserve?
  • Is practice ownership causing you stress?
  • Do you lack the leadership skills it takes to command a successful practice?
  • Are you making steady progress toward your goals?

In other words, ExecTech helps your practice become the practice of your dreams. For most practice owners, this dream includes:

  • An efficient, caring, loyal staff that successfully completes every task you assign.
  • Patients who appreciate your excellent work, ensure you get paid and recommend you to their family and friends.
  • A steady stream of qualified patients.
  • Enough income to support the lifestyle you and your family deserve.
  • A work schedule of 40 or fewer hours per week.
  • Most importantly, your practice gives you more than it takes.

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