You Can Create the Practice of Your Dreams

In ExecTech’s first book for healthcare practice owners, How to Create the Practice of Your Dreams, contains 50 short chapters to help you attract more new patients, generate more support from your patients and staff, and increase your profit.

As a healthcare provider, your main concern is your patients’ health. As a practice owner, your main concern is the your organization’s health. It’s your job to bring in new customers, organize the operation and make a profit. If you wear your practice owner hat properly, everyone is happy.

Your patients love your practice, your staff members enjoy their jobs and your family members appreciate having plenty of money and time with you. If you fail as a practice owner, everyone suffers. Patients do not receive the quality care they deserve, your staff members hate their jobs and you make no profit.

Buy, read and use “Create the Practice of Your Dreams” to discover and take significant steps in the right direction.

Paperback (177 pages) $14.95


     “May I congratulate you on well written weekly tips whose applicability is beyond question.
     “I have purchased the book and have found it pertinent, logical, and entertaining.
     “The book and your weekly tips should be intuitively obvious. However, the technical advances of modern medicine have, in many cases, overshadowed the qualities of a profession whose foundation was historically built on communication.
     “It is because of the above that makes the acceptance of your approach elusive. Intelligence and common sense are not always intertwined. Their beneficial dependence on one another is seldom polished in medical school.
     “The future of medicine depends on those social skills you attempt to perfect. I hope you rescue the profession in time.”
     “With warmest regards, Norman Anderson, M.D., CEO, Robert Boissoneault Oncology Institute


Marketing: “You don’t need to spend $5,000 for a logo. You don’t need to spend $30,000 for a package of brochures, ads, mailers and fancy stationery. The most effective marketing methods you can use cost you little or nothing.”

Internet: “Even if you have no website, you have a web presence which hurts or help your practice. Your web presence includes your patients’ reviews, license information, age and other personal information. Fortunately, you can be the greatest influence on the size and quality of your web presence.”

Patient Management: “Many practice owners have doubled their profit simply by establishing or improving their patient-management systems. Their practices become well-organized operations where every potential problem is handled in advance. Every doctor and staff member follows the same steps and every patient is delighted.”

Staff Management: “Motivated employees do their best. They take responsibility, make good decisions, work hard, boost profits and reduce your stress. Skillful management motivates employees. In fact, employees often turn down higher paying jobs so they can stay with a great employer. They say, ‘I love my job. My boss is the greatest! I hope I never have to leave.'”

Profit: “As a healthcare provider, your main concern is your patients’ health. As a business owner, your main concern is profit. If you improve any of these five areas, you receive a significant boost to your bottom line. If you fail to calculate and manage the long-term effects of these five areas, you leave money on the table.”

The Practice of Your Dreams: “When you plan a vacation, you don’t start by examining the route. You start by choosing a destination. The route is more obvious when you focus on the goal. What is the most exciting destination you can imagine for yourself? What objective makes your heart pound? What is the practice of your dreams?”


Chapter 1: Marketing

  • The Virtues of Bragging
  • Top Ten Marketing Mistakes
  • Three Sets of Three Choices
  • Ten More Easy Ways to Attract More New Patients
  • 15 Steps for Building Your Own Referral Network
  • Logos Do Not Bring in New Patients
  • How Is Your Practice Better than Other Practices?
  • How to Clone Your Favorite Patients
  • Your Web Presence Determines Your PR Image
  • Ten Ways to Improve and Expand Your Web Presence

Chapter 2: Patient Management

  • Knock the Socks off Your Patients
  • Ten Solutions for an Over-booked Practice
  • Why Do Some Practice Owners Have All the Luck?
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Up to 35% of Your Patients Cannot Read
  • The Grandma Technique
  • Add Six Seconds to Each Patient Visit
  • How to Make Patients Laugh
  • 17 Benefits of Using E-mail with Patients
  • Better Scheduling Equals Greater Production

Chapter 3: Staff Management

  • How to Get Employees to Do Important Tasks (While Keeping Your Sanity)
  • Ten Hiring Tips
  • Why Some Staff Members Are Clueless
  • How to Say “No” to Staff Without Being the
  • Bad Guy Staff
  • Pay: What is Fair?
  • The Seven Rules of Successful Bonus Plans
  • Ten Ways to Motivate Your Staff
  • Five Steps to Delegating Decisions
  • Expect Greatness
  • Lead by Example

Chapter 4: Income, Profit and Wealth

  • Five Ways to Increase Your Profit
  • 10 Ways to Reduce Your Overhead
  • Your Accounts Receivable: Money in the Wrong Pocket
  • Correct Priorities Boosts Your Collections
  • Free Collections Assistance
  • Is Your Practice a Profitable Asset?
  • How Do You Spend Money?
  • The Easy Way to Take
  • Control of Your Profit
  • Predicting Your Profit
  • Ten Wealth-building Tips

Chapter 5: Managing Yourself

  • The Top Dog Has No Master
  • Ten Ways to Be More Charismatic
  • How to Turn Failure into Success
  • It’s Okay to Be Happy
  • The Investment that Never Crashes
  • How to Make Great Decisions
  • Professional Procrastinator’s Excuses Chart
  • The 80/20 Principle
  • When Was Your Last Vacation?
  • How Much Success Can You Handle?

The paperback version is $14.95 (177 pages)
Kindle eBook is $9.95 (available at Amazon)