Ten Ways to Be More Charismatic

Your charisma is your magical power to charm, attract and inspire others. When you are charismatic, people want to be around you, listen to you and help you. They want to follow your instructions and stay on your good side.

As a practice owner or staff member, you are more popular, and get more cooperation from people, when you improve this important people skill.

1. Like people. Have a desire for them to be happy and successful. You can do this with almost anyone.

If you have no respect or admiration for someone, you cannot be charismatic around them.

2. Treat everyone as your equal. Do not treat people differently because of their wealth, education or status. For example, do not talk down to patients or sales people or new employees. Treat them as equals.

Do not put people on a pedestal either. Be respectful, but respect them as equals.

3. Reduce the fluff in your conversations. Lots of chatter does not make you charismatic. If you have nothing relevant or important to say, remain silent.

Limiting the words you say makes what you have to say more interesting. So when you do have something important to say, people listen.

4. Listen when others speak. Give people your full attention. Make eye contact. Nod in agreement.

Take an interest in their conversations. Make small comments to assure them you are listening and interested in what they have to say.

5. Make physical contact. Shake hands whenever possible. Pat shoulders and backs. A brief touch on the upper arm shows you like the person.

6. Be yourself. When you mimic others, you not only appear insincere, you demean yourself.

When you are being yourself, you are more relaxed and honest. This makes you happier and more charismatic. Of course, you need to show the good side of your personality which means having good intentions for people.

7. Remember and use people’s names. When you first meet them, repeat their names to help you remember them and to show you like them.

For example: “Hi Alex, I’m Lisa.” Use the person’s name during the conversation. “So Alex, are you enjoying the weather?” Say it again when you say goodbye. “Nice to meet you Alex!”

8. Praise people behind their backs. Whenever the subject of another person pops up in conversation, think of something good to say. Never have a bad word to say about anyone.

If you criticize people, you appear deceptive and insincere. Praising people behind their backs shows you are trustworthy. As you never gossip, people realize their secrets are safe with you.

9. Do not lie. The truth eventually comes out or you contradict yourself. The instant you get caught in a lie, all your charm and charisma is ruined.

Instead, face the consequences of telling the truth and do it quickly. For example, “I’m sorry; I just made a mistake.” Bang! It’s over with. Nothing to hide. Your reputation is slightly tarnished, but not destroyed.

10. Compliment people. Find things you like about people and tell them. Raise their self esteem.

Your praise must be honest and sincere. If you are creative with your complements, your sincerity comes through and adds to your charisma. For example, “Your hair looks nice today” is fine, but “Your hair is glowing today” is better. “You did a good job” is fine, but “Wow! Perfect! Thank you!” is better.

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