Chelle West

Chelle has been helping people, on a one-on-one basis for over 35 years. From enhancing careers to saving marriages, she’s done it all. She has even been a highly- successful counselor for drug addicts and troubled teens.

Chelle has been an ExecTech coach since 2002. She has helped hundreds of practice owners, spouses, associates and staff members complete ExecTech coaching modules with excellent results. Chelle’s clients routinely credit their reduced stress and increased productivity to Chelle’s coaching.

Chelle has been a key innovator in ExecTech’s Advanced Coaching program. When an ExecTech client completes the 12 modules, Chelle takes them to a new level of performance by training them on advanced skills using customized coaching. She especially enjoys finding her clients’ greatest people-skills weaknesses and turning them into strengths.

Chelle lives with her husband Bob near Fresno, California. Their grown son Montana is following in Chelle’s footsteps to be a counselor.  Chelle is an avid reader and a fierce backgammon player. She also has a long history as an accomplished horsewoman and is currently a big rodeo fan.