Clayton Adler

Wherever Clayton goes, he leaves a trail of success. For example, before joining ExecTech in 2004, Clayton worked at a national consulting firm as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing, where he doubled that firm’s size. When he came to ExecTech, he helped Penny do the same thing.

Clayton has delivered over 1000 on-site practice-management analyses, doctor telephone consultations, profit-potential analyses and practice staff interviews. As ExecTech’s top producing Service Consultant, Clay has helped hundreds of clients improve their practices by creating customized ExecTech consulting and coaching programs to grow or rehabilitate their practices.

Clayton’s greatest business joy is helping practice owners find new solutions to their biggest, most challenging problems. He does this with an abundance of care, experience, thinking outside-of-the-box, effective communication and wit. When it comes to your success, Clayton is solidly on your side.

A groundbreaker, as one of the nation’s youngest in the management-consulting industry (starting at age 16), Clayton has thrived with incredible success.

Clay’s personal interests include outdoor activities, basketball and a newly found love of golf. Above all, Clay’s greatest joy is spending time with his family and watching his children grow.