126 Benefits of ExecTech Coaching

First Step Module

☐ How to understand anything you choose to study
☐ How to arrange and easily accept help from others
☐ How to take better control of anything
☐ How to stop trying to control everything
☐ How to have more self-confidence
☐ How to set goals that inspire and motivate you
☐ How to use your goals to become happier

People Skills Module #1: Communications Skills

☐ How to use communication to reduce your stress
☐ How to get your point across
☐ How to be more popular
☐ How to listen as never before
☐ How to get your staff and patients to do what you ask
☐ How to get the chatty patient or staff to stop talking
☐ How to get a shy person to open up to you
☐ How to make people feel understood
☐ How to get your staff to present solutions rather than problems
☐ How to get your staff to stop wasting time with irrelevant communications
☐ How to stop internal communications that are inefficient, destructive and stressful
☐ How to track staff compliance to your instructions, directives and orders

People Skills Module #2: Making Tight Connections

☐ How to instantly connect with patients, staff and colleagues
☐ How to form great relationships with people despite disagreements
☐ How to improve all of your relationships
☐ How to easily start a conversation with a stranger
☐ How to get agreement from staff and patients
☐ How to improve your marriage
☐ How to become a better friend to yourself
☐ How to resolve an upset with someone
☐ How to be a better manager through relationships
☐ How to earn more cooperation
☐ How to praise, validate and compliment people
☐ How to make people feel important

People Skills Module #3: Emotional Tone Scale

☐ How to improve someone’s mood
☐ How to handle fearful patients
☐ How to calm down angry people
☐ How to identify who you can trust and who you should not trust
☐ How to be a leader who inspires a group
☐ How to make someone more confident in you
☐ How to control and improve people’s emotions
☐ How to have a happier marriage and family life
☐ How to control and improve your own emotions

People Skills Module #4: Difficult People

☐ How to know who is truly on your side
☐ How to deal with devious, mean-spirited people
☐ How to make yourself more beneficial to those around you
☐ How to deal with people that are stopping or slowing production
☐ How to lower your stress from difficult people
☐ How to handle people who like to bring you bad news
☐ How to get more cooperation and responsibility from your staff, spouse and children
☐ How to improve your outlook in life by removing the difficult people in your life
☐ How to make your staff happier and more productive by handling difficult people
☐ How to discover what you do to create your own stress
☐ How to remove fear of confrontational meetings

Productivity Skills Module #1: Prioritizing

☐ How to assume the correct identity for each of your jobs
☐ How to identify the hats you wear
☐ How to stop giving orders by assigning priorities
☐ How to decide if someone other than yourself should be doing a particular job
☐ How to break down what leads to a particular and valuable end result
☐ How to assign statistics to each of your staff members
☐ How to tell which of your staff members are productive
☐ How to earn more income by giving patients more than they expect

Productivity Skills Module #2: Personal Productivity

☐ How to be more industrious
☐ How to increase your competence
☐ How to be better organized
☐ How to get what you want
☐ How to stop blaming others for your condition
☐ How to get past prejudices
☐ How to eliminate seriousness
☐ How to be more professional
☐ How to improve morale
☐ How to feel calm and in control

Productivity Skills Module #3: Personal Power

☐ How to generate personal power
☐ How to make steady progress toward a goal
☐ How to confront and not ignore difficult situations
☐ How to be more efficient by “doing it now!”
☐ How to reduce distractions
☐ How to increase your energy level with purposes
☐ How to be less reasonable and more demanding
☐ How to handle excuses and explanations
☐ How to boost your personal power and command of life
☐ How to make things go right yourself
☐ How to get others to make things go right

Productivity Module #4: Success Formulas

☐ How to use the 12 step-by-step success formulas
☐ How to constantly improve your personal ethics
☐ How to help others to improve their own ethics
☐ How to begin successful working relationships
☐ How to interpret statistics and predict the future
☐ How to make any area of life more successful
☐ How to turn around a failing business or relationship and make it prosper

Staff Management Module: Employee Relations

☐ How to increase understanding between your management goals and your staff
☐ How to strengthen agreement within your group
☐ How to get staff members’ priorities to match your priorities
☐ How to do daily inspections
☐ How to stop listening to opinions and start observing the facts
☐ How to do a daily huddle
☐ How to conduct weekly staff meetings
☐ How to do a weekly production meeting
☐ How to conduct effective performance reviews with employees

Financial Management Module

☐ How to control your finances and reduce your overhead with a Financial Planning system
☐ How to conduct a Financial Planning meeting
☐ How to prevent financial theft and mistakes
☐ How to determine what to pay if you have more bills than cash
☐ How to say “no” to financial requests
☐ How to determine if a purchase has a good return on investment
☐ How to handle creditors to maintain or improve your credit rating
☐ How to set up and use a cash/bills graph
☐ How to handle financial success to protect your financial success
☐ How to set up a personal finance system
☐ How to get staff to present solutions regarding financial requests
☐ How to make steady progress toward your financial goals

Staff Training Module #1: How to Turn Callers into New Patients

☐ How to eliminate barriers to new patients
☐ How to create a same-day-appointment practice
☐ How to schedule 95% of call-ins
☐ How to work out scripts that are best for you
☐ How to write a patient letter
☐ How to skillfully and professionally handle everything a caller might say
☐ How to discover what a potential new patient needs and wants
☐ How to promote the practice
☐ How to handle questions about fees
☐ How to schedule resistive patients
☐ How to handle a new patient who does not show

Staff Training Module #2: How to Reduce Missed Appointments

☐ How to take better control of your patients’ appointments
☐ How to increase practice productivity
☐ How to track the missed-appointment percentage
☐ How to find barriers to your appointments
☐ How to handle patients who want to cancel
☐ How to remove the barriers to appointments


With coaching you gain new skills for successful living. Coaching increases your life-time value to yourself and others. You can do more and thus deserve more.

Coaching helps you stop putting up with whatever drags you down. You learn to set goals that are more exactly what you want. You begin to work smarter, not just harder.

Just as an athlete’s performance improves with good coaching, your odds of success increase when you have a coach devoted to your success.