ExecTech’s new book, 25 Ways to Increase Your Courage is now available, in paperback and Kindle eBook. You and your staff can use the step-by-step instructions included in the book to boost everyone’s courage while reducing or eliminating the fears in your practice. A free companion workbook is also available to help you and your team with the 179 Action Steps outlined in the book.

Fear is a Like a Virus

When you are infected by a fear, your production slows down. You become inactive, indecisive and unmotivated. You want to hide in your comfort zone.

Fear is so contagious you can become infected at any moment. You read a disturbing headline, you hear some terrible news or you talk to a fearful person and suddenly, you feel afraid for no good reason.

Fear can make you ignore problems and hope they just go away. Fear can also make you so cautious you refuse to listen to anything new.

How 25 Ways to Increase Your Courage Works

This no-nonsense book gives a description of each Courage Method, examples of how it works and then step-by-step instructions of how to put it to use. You select a fear, pick a method and give it a try. If it reduces a fear, you repeat the the steps. If it does not help, you try another Courage Method until you find one that works best.

Example #1

Patient Jim Jones jumps into a rage when anyone asks him to pay his bill. He yells, “JUST MAIL IT!” and walks out.

Receptionist Michelle needs the courage to collect payments from difficult patients, like Jim Jones. She goes through the book and decides to use Courage Method #17 “Plan and Prepare.”

Michelle follows the steps and lists every type of patient that makes her nervous. She gets help from the office manager or practice owner to create a plan for each type of patient. She then gets prepared so she is ready.

Jim Jones finishes his visit and starts to walk out. Michelle’s plan is to get him on her side, so she says, “Mr. Jones, can you help me with something?”

She then says the exact right things that makes Jim smile and pay his fee.

As a result of Michelle’s planning and preparation, she successfully handles all types of difficult patients. Your over-the-counter collection stat soars and your receptionist loves her job.

Example #2

Your office manager, June, is in charge of five employees including your business-office manager, Dave. You tell June, “Please get me a updated accounts report.” June says, “I’ll try, but I hope you’re not in a hurry.” This bothers you a bit, but you are too busy to deal with it.

A week later you ask June, “Where’s the report?” She says, “Coming.” Another day passes with no report.

You finally ask June, “What’s the problem with the report?” She says, “Well, Dave gives me a hard time whenever I ask him to do things.” You ask, “Ah, so you back off? He makes you nervous?”

June hates to admit it, but she’s afraid of Dave and, as a result, she cannot get Dave to do his job as he should.

You could go handle Dave, like you have in the past, but this time you give June the book, 25 Ways to Increase Your Courage. You say, “Use these methods so you can handle Dave from now on.”

June starts to object, but she’s a potential A-Performer, so she takes the book and leaves.

June first uses “Courage Method #15 Be Dangerous” and finally takes a Kung Fu class she’s been wanting to take. As a result, she has more confidence.

She then uses “Courage Method #1: Imagine Good Scenarios” and “Courage Method #11 Dip Your Toe.” Suddenly, she knows exactly what to do with Dave and her fear vanishes.

June looks Dave in the eye and says, “Can you get me that report printout now?” She has no fear.

Dave snaps back with his fiercest scowl, but sees June is holding her ground. He says, “Fine” and does it immediately.

June never backs down from one of her team again.

Example #3

One of the specialists you use is spreading rumors about you. A patient, “Andrew” tells you, “You should know that Dr. Jones told me you recommend unnecessary treatment. He kind of said you’re only in this for the money.” You are shocked!

You vow to never send him another referral. You think of nasty things to say about Dr. Jones. You let this situation boil and fester until you can’t sleep as you worry Dr. Jones will ruin your reputation.

You decide to try “Courage Method #9 Get the Facts” to resolve this concern. As a result, you have a conversation with Dr. Jones and you both end up laughing.

Your fear is mostly gone, but you still need to handle Andrew. You select “Courage Method #4″ for removing the influence of guys like Andrew. You find out he’s been harassing your female staff. You are delighted to dismiss Andrew and your fear disappears.

You then use the book to handle other issues you avoid.


25 Ways to Increase Your Courage increases your courage to protect you and your team against the fear virus. It gives you 25 tools you and your team can use immediately. It’s time to be fearless!

The price is $14.95 for the 146-page paperback or $9.95 for the Kindle eBook.

You can also buy the book at Amazon.