“In Every Crisis Lies Great Opportunity.” — Albert Einstein

As you know, our current situation is not only a health issue, but it’s also a financial, media, political and social upheaval. You have probably lost some or most of your income stream AND your freedom to come and go as you like. Fortunately, a crisis is not all bad news.

What does the word crisis mean? Definition #2: “a condition of instability or danger.” If you feel confused or afraid, you are experiencing this definition.

However, crisis definition #1 is this: “A turning point.” In fact, the word comes from the Ancient Greek word “krisis” which means judgement, decision or choice. At this time, you have choices.


In all disasters, A-Performers and A-Teams do not wait, worry and suffer. They do not panic or give up. They find ways to come out on top. They make it go right.

For example, IBM and General Electric were born during The Long Depression in 1873. FedEx started during the Oil Crisis of 1973. Tesla, Blackberry, Uber, Snapchat and Twitter emerged from the Great Recession of 2008-2010 to become billion-dollar companies.

You can assume this pandemic will result in medical breakthroughs from tests to vaccines. It will also lead to many new and incredible innovations. It may even be the beginning of a much better life for you.


This crisis may be a big turning point for you. You might discover better ways to help others. You might invent a new service or product that will make you rich. You can also create a new and better YOU.

You can make a major improvement to your life; to become more efficient, smarter and more powerful. You can jump to a higher level of achievement and enjoy an amazing level of success.

You don’t need to sit at home and worry. You don’t need to wait to get back to work. You don’t need to continue your old behavior and routines. You can create breakthroughs for yourself, starting now!

Three Steps to Find and Act On Opportunities

1. What are your opportunities? Start a list and add new ones as you think of them.

You can ask yourself, “What do I really want for my future?” “If my success was guaranteed, what would I do?” “If I had more courage, more knowledge, more self-respect, more optimism, more enthusiasm and more personal power, what would I do?”

Do not limit yourself. Ask, “Is this the best I can do?” “Don’t I have bigger opportunities than this?

2. List the barriers to your biggest opportunities.

Ask yourself, “Why can’t I do it?” “What is stopping me?” “Why am I hesitating?”

3. Challenge each barrier.

Ask “What can I do to get past this?” “Is this really a barrier?” “What if I just skipped it and went for it anyway?” Challenge any personal barriers as well. “Why don’t I have more courage?” “What do I need to learn?” “What am I so afraid of?”

Use your free time to create a new future for yourself and those you love. Work on these steps every day. Find your opportunities and go for it!