How to Bill Medical Plans for Dental Procedures


Did you know dental offices can bill medical insurance plans for certain dental procedures? This is great for patients who do not have dental insurance or patients who need dental benefits for other procedures.

A few of our clients recently asked for more information about this subject, so we researched the subject and created a new ExecTech guideline: “An Introduction of How to Bill Medical Plans for Dental Treatment.” The guideline is now available for you to download, at no charge. It includes:

● 16 dental procedures that medical plans may cover
● How to prepare the medical claim form CMS-1500
● A link to a CMS-1500 PDF form you can use to enter the billing information and print (with a color printer).
● Links to medical diagnosis codes and treatment codes that can be used for dental conditions and treatments
● Links to instruction manuals, how-to videos and software. Most of the manuals and videos are free.

“An Introduction of How to Bill Medical Plans for Dental Treatment”
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