Deanne Macdonald

After 20 years in management, Deanne switched careers to join ExecTech in 2008 as a consultant. Because of her performance with her clients, she soon joined ExecTech of Colorado founding partners, Jim Werner and Mike Chatelain as a new partner. When Jim retired as the Managing Partner in 2010, Deanne was the obvious choice for the Managing Partner position.

Thanks to Deanne’s training and experience, Colorado clients have been enjoying major improvements in their staffs’ performance, new patient inflow and increased profits. She also conducts ExecTech marketing and staff-management workshops to practice owners throughout the Greater Denver Area.

Over the years, Deanne has been a practice-management consultant for dentists, physicians, podiatrists, optometrists, chiropractors and several types of specialists. She specializes in office procedures implementation, conflict management, public relations, staff and patient management, collections, associate arrangements and personal performance.

As a consultant, Deanne does whatever is necessary to ensure all of her clients enjoy the benefits of reaching their goals. To do this, she makes herself available to her clients nearly 24/7 and enjoys helping them conquer their management problems with creative solutions so they can move up to their next level of success.

Deanne has lived in Colorado since she was four and currently lives in Englewood. She spends her time with friends, enjoying the outdoors and winning pool games. Like most people in the area, she always feels happier when she comes home from travelling and sees the mountains.

Contact Deanne by email or by calling her at (888) 361-8400.