ExecTech Consulting

ExecTech consulting helps you improve your practice and reach your professional goals, one step at a time. With one-on-one consulting, anything can be resolved including staff management difficulties, lack of well-paying new patients, legal risks, low profit, overwork and more.

Permanent improvement is more certain with ExecTech than with other practice-building programs because of its tailor-made approach. For each practice difficulty you encounter, ExecTech helps you locate and plan a solution that is right for you.

When you make steady progress with simple, direct steps, you make lasting changes. Most practice owners want an increase in profits as one of their consulting goals. As a result, ExecTech consultants are experts in profit building.

Five Ways to Increase Profits

When your personal income goes up, you feel more cheerful. You can improve the working conditions for your staff. You can provide the best possible care for your patients. You can increase your net income in five ways:

  1. Generate more new patients
  2. Raise fees
  3. Boost patient compliance and support
  4. Increase collections percentage
  5. Lower overhead

In meetings with your consultant, you constantly review these five factors. You find ways to increase profit as quickly and easily as possible.

For example, if you have more patients than you can handle and your overhead is running at 70%, your consulting would focus on your fees, collections and overhead breakdowns. One or more of those three factors would be the source of your low profit.

If your fees were average and collections were excellent, the problem would be with your overhead. Perhaps you and your consultant find your payroll is at $19,500 per month, but should be at $12,000 per month. In this case, your consultant might recommend you meet with your staff, explain how the practice needed to collect $78,000 per month to justify the payroll. You would go over specific steps each employee could do to bring down the payroll percentages.

Once collections and payroll were in range, you would reward your staff with cash. As a result, your staff members perform as they should. Your production and collections jump. Your payroll percentage drops to a good range. You feel proud of your staff.

As another example, you and your consultant find your over-the-counter collections are weak. Your consultant calculates your lax patient financial policies and procedures are cutting $6500 per month from your profit. Your consultant helps you write financial policies for patients as well as scripts and rules for staff. Your consultant shows you how to train your staff using written material, not verbal explaining. Within 24 hours, over-the-counter collections jump to a new level.

ExecTech consultants have dozens of solutions to help you correct and improve all five profit factors.

How ExecTech Consulting is Conducted

You meet with your consultant at least once each month. The end result of the meetings are written, step-by-step plans called mini-programs. To make a difference in your practice and to meet ExecTech standards, each step of your mini-program must make sense, align with your goals and excite you.

You talk to your consultant at least once each week to address emergency situations, discuss your progress and focus on correct priorities. During difficult periods, you meet or talk to your consultant more often. You have unrestricted access to your consultant.

You also work with an ExecTech coach each week to build your performance skills. The combination of consulting and coaching is how ExecTech gets its best results. Click to read more about ExecTech coaching.


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