ExecTech of Colorado

ExecTech of Colorado started in 2001 and provides one-on-one consulting support to practice owners throughout Colorado and Southern Wyoming. In 2010, Deanne Macdonald took over as the Managing Partner and has moved this ExecTech office to a new level of service quality and results.

ExecTech of Colorado provides dental practice and medical practice management consulting and coaching to practice owners from Cheyenne to Denver, Colorado Springs to Boulder.

For more information, contact Deanne by email or at (888) 361-8400.

2 West Dry Creek Circle, Suite 100, Littleton, Colorado 80120

4 West Dry Creek Circle, Suite 100, Littleton, Colorado 80120


ExecTech of Colorado Client Comment

I first met Deanne Macdonald in 2009 when, after eight years in a solo gynecology practice, I was frustrated, unhappy and approaching professional burn-out. Despite a very busy practice and a heavy patient load which was requiring long hours at the office and work taken home over the weekends, I was only paying myself 50% of the time.

My staff was unhappy and dysfunctional and I had one employee that was covertly undermining both me and my office manager. The only thing keeping me from closing the practice and possibly retiring from medicine was an office lease that I could not legally extricate myself from.

Deanne was extremely generous with her time and her talents. After a year of intensive consulting and counseling I was working more efficiently, I had a superb staff and practice revenue was up. I again enjoyed being a physician.

Deanne taught me skills that continue to serve me after our year of consulting was done. For example, when a fellow physician was fraudulently using my name to direct patients to his practice website, I used the skills I learned from Deanne to put a stop to his behavior! I did it without an emotionally draining and corrosive interaction, and without the expense of legal fees.

I recommend Deanne and ExecTech without reservation.

Dianne C. Stone, M.D.