ExecTech Management Systems

No other practice-improvement company has more step-by-step systems or procedures to help you take command of your practice, your profit and your future. For every problem, challenge and situation you face, ExecTech has a system to help you conquer it. Over the past 29 years, ExecTech has compiled and refined dozens of step-by-step systems. Which of these systems would make your practice more successful?


Staff Management Systems

  • How to hire employees
  • How to train employees
  • How to measure each staff member’s individual performance
  • How to conduct staff performance reviews
  • How to conduct great staff meetings
  • How to create profitable win-win staff bonus plans
  • How to resolve disagreements
  • How to resolve conflicts between staff members
  • How to correct bad behavior, poor performance or negativity
  • How to compile your Staff Policy Manual
  • How to terminate employment
  • How to increase staff productivity and efficiency productivity
  • How to hire and manage associate doctors

Marketing Systems

  • How to be the most popular practice in town
  • How to win with Yelp
  • How to use your patient list to generate new patients
  • How to triple your patient referrals
  • How to expand your professional referral network
  • How to effectively conduct a lunch-meeting with potential referring doctors
  • How to communicate patient-progress with referring doctors
  • How to turn the energy of the holidays to your advantage
  • How to make casual contacts into new patients
  • How to handle calls from potential new patients
  • How to select a domain name
  • How to create a website that generates new patients
  • How to handle negative reviews
  • How to get an article published in your local newspaper
  • How to give a great talk
  • How to generate new patients through public relations activities
  • How to implement the Four Phases to Unlimited New Patients

Patient Management Systems

  • How to create a powerful first impression
  • How to schedule patients for maximum productivity
  • How to handle difficult patients
  • How to get your patients to follow your treatment recommendations
  • How to sell larger cases
  • How to reorganize your practice for more efficiency and maximal productivity
  • How to handle your overbooked schedule
  • How to recall and reactivate patients
  • How to reduce missed appointments
  • How to handle patient complaints
  • How to dismiss patients
  • How to avoid malpractice claims
  • How to apologize to patients and family members

Collections and Financial Management Systems

  • How to make financial arrangements with patients
  • How to collect at the time-of-service
  • How to switch to an all-cash or boutique practice
  • How to deal with difficult insurance companies
  • How to budget your practice, manage your spending and pay off your bills
  • How to determine your profit potential from your existing resources
  • How to lease office space
  • How to reduce your taxes
  • How to invest your savings

Career Management Systems

  • How to improve your personal image
  • How to set goals
  • How to handle setbacks and losses
  • How to motivate yourself
  • How to simplify your life
  • How to start each week with a bang
  • How to generate personal power
  • How to increase your efficiency
  • How to manage your time
  • How to reduce your stress
  • How to handle people who oppose you
  • How to balance your personal life and professional life
  • How to increase the value of your practice
  • How to establish and manage partnerships
  • How to sell your practice
  • How to prepare your affairs for your death
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