Fear Analysis

Discover how much fear controls you with this free, confidential calculator. Registration is not required.

Fear is like a virus. It can infect you and ruin your productivity and your life. Fear is contagious and can spread like wildfire. 

Everyone feels fear. When A-Performers get infected, they face it and deal with it. If you avoid or ignore fear, or make up excuses for this disease, your infection gets worse.

The first step to handling fear is being brave enough to look at it and see how badly you are infected by it. By rating yourself for each fear below, you are taking a HUGE step toward reducing the power of this virus over your life.

Rate yourself from 1-5 with 1 being “No fear” to 5 meaning “Constant fear” for each each type of fear. For example, if you are constantly afraid of being disliked or unpopular, give yourself a 5 for the first type of fear. If you have NO concern about being disliked or unpopular, give yourself a 1.

1 = No fear, never afraid
2 = Concerned, but not very afraid
3 = Some fear, but not frequent
4 = Yes, a regular source of fear
5 = Constant fear, sometimes panic

After you rate each fear, your score and recommendations will appear under your answers. You will also have the option to email the results to yourself so you can start reducing the amount of control the fear virus has on you.