Free E-Booklet on Profit and Stress

“More Profit, Less Stress” is a 42-page booklet that describes the greatest difficulties practice owners face along with solutions to deal with these difficulties. The booklet outlines the five ways you can increase your profit, the five biggest sources of your stress and how you can move up to your next level. “More Profit, Less Stress” also describes the benefits of ExecTech services and how we can help you.

Included in “More Profit, Less Stress”

  • Why practice owners fail
  • How to attract more new patients
  • How to increase your average income per patient
  • How to raise your fees in any economy
  • How to increase your collection percentage
  • How to reduce your overhead percentage
  • 25 common stress points from staff
  • How to reduce stress from patients
  • How to reduce stress from surprises
  • How to reduce stress from opposing forces
  • How to reduce stress from fear
  • How to obtain compliance to your instructions
  • The ten management skills you need before hiring an associate
  • The benefits of an associate
  • The benefits of selling partnership
  • The six endgame strategies
  • How to win your endgame

The PDF instant download version is free and registration is not required.