Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does ExecTech do?

ExecTech provides face-to-face consulting and telephone coaching to physicians, dentists, optometrists, physical therapists and other healthcare practice owners and business owners.

ExecTech helps practice owners increase their profit, reduce their stress and reach their goals.

Why are the “Tips and Ideas” articles free?

The “Tips and Ideas” weekly articles describe our recommendations for practice promotion, patient management, staff management, collections, business issues and more. We provide the articles at no charge so you will consider us when you need a practice-management consultant.

How is ExecTech different from other consultants?

We believe ExecTech is unique in every way. ExecTech was formed around three key differences.

During the 80’s, one of our founding partners managed a company that sold seminars, workshops, tapes, books, training programs, in-office consulting and telephone consulting. At one point, he surveyed 1,000 of these doctors to find what was the most effective form of help.

Even though they only received one in-office visit per year, more than 90% said their face-to-face consulting helped them the most. Telephone consulting was voted the second-most effective service by 85% of the doctors. Although most felt the seminars were entertaining and enjoyable, only 45% said they were effective.

ExecTech’s purpose is to get client results. If we get client results, we are successful. So one-on-one service, through face-to-face meetings, telephone, e-mail and fax is all we do.

The second difference is our fees. All other serious consulting firms charge by the hour. Yet the stress on clients is often distracting. They want to ask, “Am I paying you to chat about the weather?” “That last recommendation used up 30 minutes of my consulting time and is not going to help me at all.” But they say nothing.

The wrong result is emphasized with a consulting-by-the-hour system = used/billable hours. Ethical consultants focus on your objectives, not using up hours. We believe that results are MUCH more important than the time involved.

So we tossed the clock and worked out a flat-fee system that has worked well for over twenty years. With ExecTech, you receive unlimited consulting time, in person, over the telephone, by email and text. It takes as long as it takes to get results.

Finally, ExecTech invests in research. Unlike other consulting firms, we are constantly look for the newest, best methods of promoting your practice, servicing your patients, managing your staff, increasing your productivity, raising your collections, increasing your morale, boosting your profits and reaching your goals.

We find new ideas from many sources including successful practices, legal experts, other consulting companies, professional associations and societies, even government agencies. We then test these new ideas to see if we can make them work. If they work, we write down step-by-step guidelines on how to implement each idea.

What are your consultants’ qualifications?

Each consultant is trained through ExecTech’s internal training program. They also receive regular training to improve their results and to stay on top of industry issues, such as new government regulations.

ExecTech attracts and keeps five-star “A-performer” consultants with top pay because we require less travel than other firms plus all the backup they need to get the job done. For example, if a consultant does not know the answer to a practice question, he or she has the support of experts in many fields to find the answers.

Of course, our consultants’ best qualification is their clients’ results.

What’s the difference between ExecTech consulting and coaching?

Consulting is customized advice and assistance specific to your needs. Coaching is general advice to increase your personal knowledge, performance and power.

It’s like helping you reach your destination by car.

Consulting examines your past travels and shows you the road ahead. Your consultant gives you a detailed map of how to get there. Your consultant even rides along to ensure you arrive at your destination as quickly as possible, and in safety and comfort.

Coaching upgrades your car to improve your performance. Your coach gives you faster tires, advanced steering mechanisms and a turbo booster. Little by little, week after week, your gas mileage, power and speed increase until you cannot be stopped.

What are ExecTech’s fees?

An advantage of ExecTech’s one-on-one consulting program is that we can customize your fee to your needs and wants. We can also ensure your return on investment is higher than any other consulting company.

Perhaps a better question to ask is this: “How profitable is an ExecTech program?” For example, if ExecTech helps you boost your profit by $100,000 the first year alone, how much is an ExecTech program worth to you?

Can I get a program that specifically addresses partnership issues, marketing or finances?

Yes. Each ExecTech program specifically addresses your greatest needs.

What kind of guarantees do you give?

We guarantee to give you our best efforts. We also have a refund option in our Client Agreement which no other consulting firm provides.

Can I talk to some of your clients?

Yes. Several clients have agreed to take calls from practice owners who are interested in ExecTech services.

Some of my staff members are worried you’re going to fire them. Should they be?

Each staff member is either a benefit or a liability to your practice. Fortunately, 98% of your people want to do good work. They are an asset to your practice.

Only the few negative low-producers, who silently attempt to ruin your practice, should be concerned about being replaced. Of course, only you can make these decisions, but we will work with you and your legal team to safely guide you through those troublesome waters.

Will you train my staff?

In some cases, yes. For example, we often ask to coach your top people on various performance skills.

Many consultants, including ExecTech’s, are experts in hiring, training and managing staff members. However, you are the only constant. When a trained employee leaves you, you will still be there. You shouldn’t have to pay a consultant to return and train your new staff, over and over again.

You benefit most when your staff-training system is built into your practice AND that YOUR PRACTICE has the systematic, step-by-step knowledge and skill necessary to keep the system working, with or without you.

Will you find a buyer for my practice?

No, but we can help you work with a practice broker or show you how to do it yourself.

Better yet, we can show you how to find and work with an associate, help you form a partnership with the associate and then sell the practice to him or her. You earn higher profits along the way, and higher price in the end.

What does your red-black line () represent?

It represents one of ExecTech’s key duties: Move your bottom line (e.g., progress, profit or time) from the RED (loss) into the BLACK (gain).

Do you address problems I have at home?

Yes, if necessary . . . and it is often necessary.

Your practice can be affected by several types of outside influences including colleagues, spouses, family and personal matters. Fortunately, many of the same principles we use to improve your management skills are effective in all areas of your life. For example, keeping an unwilling spouse in your practice is just as destructive as employing an unwilling staff member.

Helping you resolve a conflict with a colleague, getting you through an IRS audit or supporting you when you need it most is part of your ExecTech experience.

No matter what happens, your ExecTech consultant and coach are on your side.

How will I know ExecTech is helping me?

Part of all ExecTech consulting programs include close monitoring of your statistics. Your numbers go up as we help you implement easier, faster ways to manage your practice. You spend less time on useless efforts and more time on profitable activities.

Your practice enjoyment is also essential. As you take better control of your operation, you have more free time and less stress. You make better decisions and get more done with less effort.

What’s next?

Complete ExecTech’s Practice Management Analysis or contact the office nearest you.

You can also learn more by reading, “More Profit, Less Stress.”