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The Happiness-Based Practice

You spend more time in your office than anywhere else. So if you have no fun at work, the rest of your life is pulled down a bit, even if you earn a sizeable income.

When your practice is an unhappy practice, you have problems with staff members. They have low willingness, frequent conflicts and poor morale.

Patients can also tell when the practice is not cheerful. They dread their appointments, resist your recommendations and, at their first opportunity, switch to a more uplifting practice.

Benefits of a Happiness-Based Practice

The first, most important benefit of a cheerful office is your personal well-being. When the practice owner is happy, everyone is happy! You get more done, have less stress and enjoy more profit.

You help more people. Your malpractice-lawsuit risk is reduced. You have fun.

In a happiness-based practice, staff members work as a team. They want to do good work. They even turn down higher-paying jobs to stay with you.

Patients love to come into the happiness-based office. They get better treatment results. They brag about the practice to their friends and family. They make sure you get paid.

Free Guideline: “30 Ways to Create a Happiness-Based Practice”

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