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As you know, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HSS) is conducting more investigations and collecting bigger fines than ever before. The number of rules you need to comply with has never been greater. Fortunately, ExecTech is here to help you, at no charge, once again!

New ExecTech Guideline: “Six Steps to HIPAA Compliance”

ExecTech’s “Five Steps to HIPAA Compliance” step-by-step guideline came out in March 2003. It was the first HIPAA guideline ever created that was easy to understand and implement. During the next 13 years, over 26,000 healthcare professionals, from all over the US, downloaded a free copy.

Over the past two months, we have updated this guideline to address the latest changes and provide you with our best advice. This new version is still easy to understand, but only five of the steps are easy to implement; step six is not.

Step Six: Security Risk Assessment

Step Six is required by HSS to be implemented by all healthcare providers, including dentists and optometrists. To conduct a security risk assessment, you look at dozens of ways you might lose control of your patients’ PHI and then take action to fix your weaknesses.

You can do this assessment by yourself or you can hire a HIPAA security firm to do it for you. For all the details, register for your free copy of  “Six Steps to HIPAA Compliance” which includes:

  • Why We Need Privacy Laws
  • Dental Practice Investigations
  • Duties of the Privacy Officer
  • How to Protect Your Patients’ PHI
  • How to Train Your Staff on HIPAA
  • Sample Office Policy Wording
  • How to Handle Patient Requests for Additional Privacy
  • How to Handle Patient Complaints
  • When You Need Business Associate Agreements
  • Sample Business Associate Agreement
  • How to Conduct a Security Risk Assessment
  • HIPAA Security Firms
  • What to Do Before and When a Device Is Lost or Stolen
  • How to Prevent Cyber Attacks . . . and more.

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