Increase Production, Save Time with Staff Meetings

You succeed as a practice owner when you leverage your time. Like a car jack helps you lift a two-ton car, an hour of leveraged time produces the same results as dozens of regular work hours.

For example, staff meetings are a vital tool for leveraging your staff management time. Instead of inspiring, coordinating and making announcements to one staff member at a time, you do it with the group.

As covered in ExecTech’s client guideline, “How to Conduct Great Staff Meetings,” you can actually hurt your practice if you give bad staff meetings.

Staff Meetings Are a Waste of Time When . . .

  • You give lectures.
  • Employees are not allowed to participate.
  • People are criticized in front of the group.
  • You allow arguments, gripes or disagreements.
  • Someone runs the meeting who has little or no authority.
  • You have no agenda for the meeting and lose control of the time.

Staff Meetings Are Productive and Enjoyable When . . .

  • You are prepared and you follow an agenda.
  • Everyone learns the news and current plans.
  • You inspire and motivate staff to do better work.
  • You encourage all staff members to participate.
  • Your staff learns something new.
  • You organize and coordinate the week.
  • You create team spirit.

Free ExecTech Guideline: “How to Conduct Great Staff Meetings”

ExecTech’s five-page guideline gives you step-by-step instructions for holding staff meetings and includes:

  • Five Preparation Steps. A successful staff meeting requires a few minutes of preparation.
  • Six Staff Meeting Rules. If you violate any of these rules, you and your staff avoid future staff meetings. Stick to the rules and your staff meetings become popular as they are fast, useful and inspirational.
  • Seven Agenda Steps. If you follow these steps during your meeting, you obtain maximal production.
  • An agenda checklist you can copy and use for each staff meeting.

You can download “How to Conduct Great Staff Meetings” at no charge.

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