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Unlike other consulting companies, we at ExecTech do not try to dazzle you with seminars, promise you the moon or use high-pressure sales. Instead, we know a relationship between you and ExecTech is the key to a successful engagement. We prefer to get to know you by phone and see if we click.

When we meet for the first time by phone, we will want to learn about your goals, your successes and the challenges you face each day. How are you doing lately? How well is your staff performing? What do you want to improve?

In exchange, we’ll give you some specific ideas of how you can improve your performance, increase your profit or reduce your stress in the fastest, easiest ways possible. If these ideas make sense and you find they work for you, we can talk again.

We are constantly adding new services to give practice owners an idea of how we operate, and how we can be of help. Our free introductory services include an online Performance Analysis, a Fear Analysis, a free coaching session, a free practice management consultation and our highly-popular Practice Management Analysis.

Let us know which free service works best for you by contacting the ExecTech office nearest you.

Your success is our goal.


Practice Management Analysis: For your practice to succeed, you need to master twelve management skills. You need skills for managing staff, managing patients and managing a business. You need skills for marketing your practice, collecting from insurance companies and controlling your overhead.

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Staff Member Analysis Tool: For a quick analysis of a staff member, select the choice that best describes him or her for these fifteen characteristics. Use this tool to evaluate yourself, as well.

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Schedule a Staff Management Consultation to discuss how to deal with difficult staff members.

How to Open the Door to Unlimited New Patients

With ExecTech’s promotion system, you can generate an unlimited number of new patients with three steps.