Mike Chatelain

After five successful years in management, Mike started his first consulting company in 1983 to help auto shops, restaurants, construction companies, healthcare practices and law offices in Seattle, Washington. During those years he learned what it takes for entrepreneurs and business owners to generate a great deal of profit without much stress.

In 1991, Mike started ExecTech to focus primarily on healthcare practices. Mike and his new team showed practice owners how to master skills in public relations, patient relations, staff management, practice organization, insurance collections, associate doctor management and growth strategies.

As a result, ExecTech’s clients created more awesome experiences for their patients, established more efficient teams and increased their profits to new levels.

During a 30-year period, Mike wrote over 1500 weekly articles for ExecTech’s 50,000+ “Tips and Ideas” weekly newsletter subscribers. He also  created a 950-page management tools binder, three books, a performance coaching program and dozens of checklists, step-by-step guidelines and training videos for ExecTech clients and their teams.

In 2021, Mike retired from ExecTech and now creates free success articles at TipsForSuccess.org.