Mike Chatelain

In 1983, Mike started his first consulting company by helping the owners of auto shops, hair salons, restaurants, accountants, insurance agencies, construction companies and law offices in Seattle, Washington. He succeeded and failed enough times to learn what it takes to help entrepreneurs generate more profit with less stress. During those years, Mike also learned the challenges faced by healthcare providers, AND how one-on-one consulting is, by far, the most effective form of practice-management help.

In 1991, Mike and two partners started ExecTech, a management-consulting company that specializes in helping healthcare practice owners earn more profit with less stress. To do this, these practice owners must not only have great technical skills and people skills, they must be good executives. ExecTech shows its clients how to improve their skills and implement management systems through a one-on-one system of consulting and coaching.

As a result, ExecTech’s clients attract more new patients, create more awesome experiences for their patients and establish more efficient teams than ever before. ExecTech’s systems make practice owners’ statistics rise faster than any other management-consulting system available.

Mike has written over 1850 free “Tips and Ideas” articles, an 850-page Management Tools package for ExecTech clients, the books 25 Ways to Increase Your Courage, Create the Practice of Your Dreams and Yelp Help for Healthcare Providers, and dozens of reports, checklists, training videos and guidelines for ExecTech clients and “Tips and Ideas” subscribers. His current project, expanding ExecTech’s Performance Coaching program, is producing significant and exciting improvements with practice owners and their staff members.

As well as helping the Managing Partners in Northern California, Colorado and Florida, Mike is the Managing Member of ExecTech, LLC, serving Southern California and the Pacific Northwest.

Mike, his wife Lisa, and their son Alex, live in Western Oregon on a beautiful 84-acre rural property.