ExecTech Minor Programs

ExecTech is now offering eight inexpensive one-month consulting programs called “Minor Programs.” Unlike our one-year major program, you can buy these powerful programs for $500 or less.

ExecTech minor programs help you do the following:
1. Train you and your team on the best ways to get patients to refer their family members and friends
2. Reduce your missed appointments
3. Help you hire A-Performers
4. Create your A-Team
5. Plug your money leaks
6. Take control of your time
7. Significantly reduce your stress
8. Devise short- and long-term step-by-step strategies

10 Benefits of Minor Programs

1. No matter how tight your finances are, you can afford expert experienced consulting advice for your most difficult problems.
2. You have no long-term commitment to a consulting program.
3. Once you solve a major problem or two, you have more time and money to invest in a practice-building program.
4. You can quickly handle a key problem and move on.
5. You have a consulting firm in your corner whenever you need, without a major financial commitment.
6. You can try ExecTech with minimal time and cost to see if a one-year program is right for you.
7. ExecTech credits any fee you spend on minor services toward its one-year major program.
8. If you have never hired a consulting firm, it’s a great way to give it a try.
9. No proposal, no sales.
10. A quick and painless way to boost your new patients, take control of your time, hire an A-Performer or whatever else you need, starting right now!

What are the Differences Between ExecTech’s Minor Programs and ExecTech’s Major Program?

1. Minor programs are one month while major programs are one year.
2. Minor programs focus on just one issue and one result. Major programs deal with several issues at the same time with results occurring all through the year.
3. Minor programs include three telephone consultations and unlimited email during the month. Major programs include unlimited telephone consultations and email plus face-to-face meetings with the practice owner and staff members at your office.
4. Minor programs cost $500 while major programs start at $50,000.
5. Minor programs include one guideline package on one subject. Major programs include two binders of material with over 500 guidelines.
6. Major programs also include ExecTech Performance Coaching.

Click here to learn more about ExecTech’s major program and read the benefits and results in “More Profit, Less Stress.”

10 Things We Do in our Major Program, but Can’t Do in Minor Programs

As part of ExecTech’s major program, we can build on the work we do each week. We can focus on long-term implementation to get permanent improvements. Your success is built one step at a time.

1. Set up your customized Patient-Management system.
2. Train you and your financial manager on the Financial-Management system.
3. Fix or improve your collections functions.
4. Train you to be a better manager.
5. Make a major, permanent improvement in your people skills.
6. Help you create an A-Team.
7. Establish or improve your web presence.
8. Set up a marketing program for your practice.
9. Train you or your staff to be A-Performers.
10. Help you achieve your goals for the next 12 months.


With the addition of minor programs, you now have the choice of which ExecTech program is best for you. Check out the eight minor programs:

1. New Patient Referrals Training Program
2. Missed Appointments Reduction Program
3. How to Hire A-Performers
4. Create Your A-Team Consulting Program
5. Money Leaks Consulting Program
6. Time Management Consulting Program
7. Stress Management Consulting Program
8. Strategy Consulting

Learn more about our major program