Money Leaks Consulting Program

Every practice leaks money. Like holes in a bucket, money drips out of your practice every day. These holes can be unnecessary overhead costs, collection mistakes, poor patient management and more.

Unfortunately, every practice’s bucket has leaks in the bottom. With or without your knowledge, money is constantly leaking out of your practice every day. Money wasted by your practice does not benefit anyone and belongs in your pocket.

Fortunately, plugging most money leaks does not require more staff members, new computer programs or time-consuming seminars. Plugging the leaks means you need to know where to look, how to dig and what to add up. Once you find a leak, you simply change your procedures and your bucket stays a bit fuller.

Leak examples: spending money without a plan, not blocking patients from falling through the cracks, wasting money on useless web presence costs and excessive overtime pay. On the other hand, cutting certain costs can hurt your profit. Learn the difference!

As a result, you gain more certainty that all your money is being spent wisely while increasing your profit.

Two Options

  1. ExecTech’s “Money Leaks Checklist”; 12-page guideline which describes 30 sources of money losses along with our recommendations for each. Fee: $19
  2. Money Leaks Consulting: three weekly consulting calls and one month of unlimited emails to find and plug your easiest money leaks. Fee: $500. You are guaranteed a return-on-investment of your annual profit to increase by 10 times the fee (at least $5,000) or we continue working with you, at no additional charge.