What is E-coaching?

E-coaching is a NEW Way to Master a Skill

E-coaching is based on ExecTech’s highly-successful Performance Coaching system. However, instead of working with a live coach, you use an online coaching app.

Like our Tips and Ideas weekly articles, our costs are minimal, so we can provide E-coaching to you AT NO CHARGE.

This means you and your team can master the Seven Motivation Skills, in private, at your own pace, 24/7, with any device.

How E-coaching Works

1. Sign in to your E-coaching account
2. Read a guideline about a skill, such as “How to Find Your Passion” or “How to Get Focused.”
3. Create a few Action Steps that you will use in real life. Examples of Action Steps:

  • “Each time I feel discouraged this week, pause, shift my attention to present time, and proceed.”
  • “Get 50 boxes and clean out the storage space.”
  • “Improve my mood by watching no news shows for one full week.”
  • “Watch videos and read articles on how to design websites until I’m ready to give it a try.”
  • “Decide which of my three purposes excites me the most.”

4. You then DO your Action Steps. You turn theory into reality. You get RESULTS.
5. Each week, you sign back in and update your E-coaching Task Manager. Mark the Actions Steps you have completed and follow the instructions to debug the steps you did not complete yet.
6. Read another guideline.
7.Add new Action Steps to implement the new guideline.
8. Go DO your Action Steps to get RESULTS.
9. Continue until you master ALL SEVEN Motivation Skills.
10. Earn and enjoy the benefits of each skill.

1. Ten Benefits from Controlling Your Moods

1. You look forward to starting each morning.
2. Difficult tasks no longer ruin your mood.
3. You feel more creative.
4. You can stay in a good mood no matter what happens.
5. You quickly bounce back from losses, bad events and disasters.
6. You motivate others by improving THEIR moods.
7. Your patients/customers/clients are happier.
8. You feel kinder, more forgiving and more courageous.
9. When your forward progress is stopped, you stay positive as you sort out the barrier.
10. You have more FUN.

2. Ten Benefits of Sharpening Your Focus

1. Your attention is in the here and now more than before.
2. You worry less about the future; you have less stress.
3. Your home life does not interfere with your work and your work does not interfere with your home life.
4. When bad things happen, you shake them off.
5. You are less distracted by noises, smells, hunger, slow computers and so on.
6. You take action when others are reacting, confused or desperate.
7. You feel smarter and sharper.
8. You make faster decisions.
9. You can ignore temptations like beautiful weather, social media, parties and so on.
10. You get your head into the game, operate in the zone and perform at your peak.

3. Ten Benefits of Having More Passion

1. You tap into an unlimited source of energy that is inside you.
2. You wake up excited to get busy.
3. You are part of something that is bigger than yourself.
4. Unless money is your passion, it becomes less important to you.
5. You care more about reaching your goals than anything.
6. You come up with brilliant ideas.
7. When you do a project based on your passion, you are hard to stop.
8. You enjoy new challenges that fit with your passions.
9. You see yourself creating and accomplishing amazing things.
10. You get to do what you LOVE to do every day.

4. Ten Benefits of Being More Organized

1. You create plans that you know will take you to your goals.
2. You assign and follow better priorities.
3. You work smarter, not harder.
4. When your path is not working, you update your plan so you keep making progress.
5. You see the most efficient ways for you and others to reach your goals.
6. You know how to create easy step-by-step plans for you and others that work.
7. You constantly improve your systems, methods and strategies.
8. You stop wasting your time and energy.
9. You create and follow powerful routines that work during emergencies and disasters.
10. You recognize and act on opportunities when they pop up.

5. Ten Benefits of Handling Barriers

1. You feel less discouraged about your goals.
2. You can identify your real, not imaginary, barriers.
3. You no longer feel stopped by life circumstances.
4. When someone attacks you, ignores you or disrespects you, you do not take it personally.
5. You stop spinning your wheels; you find and handle the barriers so you can move onward.
6. Your ego, which may be your biggest barrier, does not control you.
7. You see no need to feel like a victim.
8. You are more authentic and honest with yourself and others.
9. You have few or no feelings of frustration, annoyance or disappointment.
10. You see more possibilities than ever before.

6. Ten Benefits of Replacing Bad Habits with Good Habits

1. You face and deal with habits that hurt your motivation.
2. You stop wasting time with social media, video games, videos, shows or the news.
3. You feel happiness, satisfaction and pride from good habits which replaces the temporary pleasure you get from bad habits.
4. You set a great example to others.
5. You take control of your body’s bad habits, such as insomnia, food cravings, sitting all day, sleeping in and resistence to exercise.
6. When you learn an action or a routine that motivates you, you turn it into a habit.
7. You discover what small acts you can do that motivate others, and then you turn THOSE into habits.
8. Once you completely replace one bad habit, you know you can replace them all.
9. Each time you notice a bad habit is creeping into your life, you can immediately replace it.
10. When your habits improve your performance, your productivity, your family, your health and your wealth, you automatically succeed.

7. Ten Benefits of Increasing Your Willpower

1. You can motivate yourself to do difficult tasks that most people cannot or will not do.
2. You do not abandon goals that turn out to be harder than you expected.
3. You work as hard and as long as you need each day to make your dreams into reality.
4. You skip short-term pleasures to create long-term success.
5. You have physical strength and stamina. You can work in bad weather, when you are tired and hungry or even when your body is sick or in pain.
6. You have no fear. You face the hard, cold facts. You can handle dishonest, crazy and violent people. You protect everyone for whom you are responsible.
7. You cannot be stopped. You have force and power under your belt
8. You are decisive. Once you decide on a plan to reach a goal, you do not mull it over or ask for opinions. You act.
9. You are proud of yourself as you know you can and will reach your goals, no matter what.
10. You make things go right. You have the power to do whatever you will yourself to do.