Ten Reasons Why You Need to be Motivated

You cannot succeed in your work, with money or with life itself if you are lazy, tired and not interested in what you do. Being lazy might be the biggest reason why you do not reach your goals.

Fortunately, you do not need to wait for something or someone to motivate you. You can DO IT YOURSELF! It’s one of the most vital skills of an A-Performer. You can learn how to motivate yourself with ExecTech’s free checklist, “25 Ways to Motivate Yourself.

When you learn how to motivate yourself you enjoy benefits like these.

1. ENERGY: If you are not motivated, you always run out of energy. Going to bed is the best part of your day.

If you are motivated, you move quickly all day long and never stop. You are a source of power.

2. DECISIVENESS: If you are unmotivated, you hate making decisions. You cannot see how one choice is better than another. Doing nothing seems better than making bad decisions.

If you are motivated, you have confidence. You make fast decisions. You are not afraid of taking risks.

3. PRODUCTIVITY: If you lack motivation, you do what you must do and no more.

When you are enthusiastic about your job, you love finding new ways to get more done. You set targets for yourself and work to beat them. Your job is a game and your production statistic is the score card.

4. COOPERATION: If you lack energy and conviction, people may pretend to hear you, but they end up doing whatever they feel like doing. You have little impact on them.

If you are passionate about what you ask them to do, they pay attention and happily do what you ask.

5. EFFICIENCY: If you lack passion, you waste time. You end the day without getting anything done.

When you are passionate, you focus on your tasks and objectives. You blow through obstacles without breaking a sweat. You find more efficient ways to do everything and enjoy passing on your ideas to others.

6. LUCK: Unhappy people are unlucky. Nothing goes well for them. They even seem to rig the game to fail.

When you are enthusiastic, everything you touch goes better. You operate “in the zone.”

7. INTELLIGENCE: If you are not very motivated, you make bad decisions. Negative thoughts, feelings of failure and fears interfere with your ability to think clearly.

When you are motivated, your negative emotions and thoughts are no match for your intelligence.

8. SUCCESS: If you are not motivated, you do not make things go right. Anything can get in your way.

When you are motivated, outside forces, such as COVID or the economy, have little or no effect on your forward progress. You succeed in all conditions and despite all challenges.

9. MOTIVATIONAL SOURCE: If you’re not passionate, no one follows you. You do not excite anyone.

When you are motivated, you charge people up with positive energy . . . and they love it.

10. HAPPINESS: Your career and life itself is a drudgery. You work, you retire, you die.

When you are motivated, you wake up ready and excited to start your day. You jump onto problems and turn them into wins. Your career gives you an abundance of accomplishments and joy.

Free Motivation Analysis

Do you rely on outside forces to motivate you?

If so, these forces control your success. You may rely on them too much for your own good. You might even feel like you are their slave!

The fact is this: You need to know HOW to motivate yourself, on your own. 

Fortunately, you can learn how to motivate yourself and others by learning which of your motivation skills are strong and which are week.

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