New Patient Referrals Training Program

Your best source of new patients is not with your website, your Yelp page or your online marketing. Your best source of new patients is not from your Facebook page, your Pay-per-click Google Adwords nor your SEO company.

Your best source of new patients is referrals from patients! They are high-quality patients who arrive with a high opinion of you and ready to receive your services. They are based on the excellent patient care of you and your team.

When it comes to growing your practice, we have found the most effective way to boost your patient referrals is to train you and/or your staff on five different ways to ask for referrals.

If you and your staff do nothing special to generate these new patients, you will still attract a few each month. However, if you actively and professionally pursue these wonderful patients, you generate more from this source than any other! Your new patients from patient referral can and should exceed the number of patients you lose from patients leaving your practice. This means you can build your practice with this one source of new patients alone.

Owners of small practices find this approach highly successful when they personally get their existing patients to refer new patients. Owners of medium and large practices boost their new patient flows by getting their staff trained and motivated to bring in new patients. Their teams are a marketing tool that most practice owners do not use to expand their practices. Why not?

The staff are not trained nor motivated to get new patients. They usually want to help the practice, and want to help potential new patients, but these employees do not know how to do it. On top of that, they rarely see promoting the practice as a priority.

ExecTech’s simple training videos train you and your staff on five ways to encourage existing patients to send their family members and friends into your office. The videos are short so your staff can easily go back to review the methods they prefer to use. A written transcript of each lesson is available.

Two Ways to Take Advantage of ExecTech’s Online Training

1. Buy “How to Ask Patients to Refer Their Family Members and Friends” online training course for everyone in your practice. Includes six online lessons with videos. Training is available 24/7 and can be done with any device. Fee: $300 per practice, unlimited use.

2. One-on-one telephone training for you or a staff member on “How to Ask Patients to Refer Their Family Members and Friends.” Includes access to the online training for everyone in your practice. Fee: $450. Includes a full month of telephone and email coaching for one person. The training is not complete until the person generates at least one new patient. This means the ROI from new patients quickly pays for itself! Our motivated training coaches will push and encourage you or your staff member to generate new patients for one month.

Success Stories

I enjoyed how easy this training made me feel to ask for referrals in all the different ways..
It allowed me to build a good relationship with each patient so I was comfortable asking for new patients and for Yelp reviews.
As a result, I got in four new patients and five Yelp reviews this month!
Melanie Hurtado, Evergreen Dental Care

I thought it was informing and made fee more comfortable on asking for referrals.
It gives you a way of what to say without being awkward.
It helped me bring in a new patient as I felt more comfortable and confident
Abigail Ramirez, Dental Assistant, Gardena Dental Group

I got in a new patient who got a cleaning and made an appointment for fillings.
The course was good; easy to learn. Simple but effective techniques. I am using what I learned every day now.
Alma Castro, Dental Assistant, Richard Chang, DDS