How to Find A-Performers

One of your most popular staff members just gave you her two-week’s notice. You need to find a replacement as soon as possible. You desperately need a new A-Performer to fill her shoes.

You place an ad, get several calls and select a few to interview. Over the next 10 days, you spend hours of your valuable time talking to applicants without finding anyone suitable. The applicants are either unqualified or seem less than honest.

With only a few days to go, you call an employment agency to get a temporary employee. The agency says their best temp can handle your job, yet when she arrives, you discover she will need weeks of training, which you cannot afford.

In desperation, you offer your departing staff member more pay, but she cannot stay. On her last day, you offer more pay in your ad and get several calls, but don’t like how they sound on the phone. You decide to just split up the duties of the job between you and your remaining staff members, “for now.”

Your statistics start to slide and you hope things will turn out somehow.

You then learn about ExecTech’s new system for finding A-Performers.

You get your OnlineJobAp account set up and post a new ad for the job. During the first week, you get 30 job applications in your email. You read about their qualifications, experience and work attitudes.

You look through the applications each night and within seconds, you can see most of the applicants do not qualify and you move on. No wasted time.

One night, a job application catches your eye. The applicant has the experience and qualifications you want. You like her attitudes and call her up. She can come for an interview the next day.

Within seconds of meeting this finalist you know you have found the person you have been looking for! Her interview and background checks prove your first impression is correct. A few days later, she starts and your statistics recover.

Case Study

ExecTech client Dr. B. needed a new receptionist/scheduling coordinator for his dental practice. We listed the new person’s qualities and then wrote this ad:

Dental Practice Front Desk Manager Needed
We need a people-person who can keep things organized and quickly master our computer systems.
Professionally handle incoming calls, manage the office schedule, represent the practice to all visitors and so on.
$15/hr to start, with bonuses and opportunities to move up.
Dental office experience desired, but we may train the right person.
To apply, please go to and enter code 125.

Within a the first 24 hours, we had five applications. Within the first week, we had 13 applications. Unfortunately, none of them qualified.

We then increased the pay to $16 per hour which generated 18 applicants. The candidates were more qualified, but none of them were A-Performers. We knew they were not A-Performers based on their answers to the 10 “Pre-interview Questions” that are included in the online job application.

We increased the pay to $17.50 and received 14 submissions. The quality improvement in the job applications was obvious, and one stood out above all the others. Click here to read her Pre-Interview Question answers.

Dr. B called her and she came in that afternoon. He was impressed by her and hired her the next week.

Once she took over the front desk, the practice felt energized, organized and happier. Within two weeks, the production moved into a higher range. Dr. B was delighted.

Why Use an Online Job Application System?

All large companies and governments require candidates to fill out an application on the internet before they are granted an interview. You can see examples of these systems by clicking on these links: Walmart, Taco Bell, Western Dental, Microsoft, Mayo Clinic, General Motors, State of California and the US Government.

Applicants like this system as they can complete the applications, at their convenience, with no rush. Instead of driving to the employer’s location and filling out a paper application, they can gather all their job history information, carefully read the legal notices and ensure their answers are accurate before submitting the application. They can also print a copy for themselves.

You will also like an online system as you can read the typed answers more easily than hand-written answers, quickly screen out unqualified applicants and only contact the jems for interviews.

How Works

All you do is add a website and code number to your job ad. For example, “To apply, go to and enter code #333.” No need to include the name of your practice or any contact information.

When applicants go to, they complete the job application and answer the pre-interview questions. They can attach their resumes and even their photos.

You then screen the job candidates, at your convenience, until the one you want to meet applies for the job. You contact him or her to schedule an interview.

We have set up a demonstration version of’s form so you can take it for a test drive. Answer some of the questions and include your email address. As soon as you click “Submit,” your application will be converted to a PDF file and sent to your email address, just as all your candidates’ applications will be handled. Click here to give it a try!

Ready to Start?

Currently, the system is only available to ExecTech clients. It is included with all ExecTech programs at no additional charge. You can use your account for as many positions and job applications as you like.

To get started, ask your consultant to get you an OnlineJobAp account. Let him or her know which email address(es) you would like the job applications to go to. Once you have your code number, you will be set to go!

It’s time for you to hire some new A-Performers!