Penny Racheff

Penny has been helping practice owners for more than 30 years. She learned to manage organizations in the early 1970’s and has been a successful executive ever since. In 1994, she started working with ExecTech of Northern California and by 2003 she was its Managing Partner.

Penny has led the group to steady achievement in client results and her group’s success. She has also brought in top talent to the Northern California team with Clayton Adler, J.D. Wilkinson and Jerry Racheff.

Penny takes a personal interest in every client to ensure each promise made by ExecTech is delivered by ExecTech. Her greatest reward is seeing practice owners reach new levels of profit and success in their practices, and experience new joy in their personal lives, as well. She is available by telephone or by email to clients and “Tips & Ideas” subscribers, at any time.

Penny spends her free time with her husband, her seven children and her grandchildren. She enjoys entertaining, cooking and all forms of art.

Contact Penny by email or by calling her at (800) 555-6063, ext. 6.