Performance Analysis

The best way to succeed is to be an A-Performer and operate at an above-average level. You need the 25 Qualities of an A-Performer. You need to know your strengths and weaknesses.

If you are an A-Performer, you will appreciate learning new ways you can improve your performance skills. You know the importance of constant improvement and this analysis will help you.

If you are a B-Performer, you have the most to gain from this analysis. You can see key areas you must change to become an A-Performer. Before you can improve, you need to know your weaknesses.

C-Performers and D-Performers are not interested in self improvement and have no interest in this analysis. 

Fortunately, strengthening your performance skills is simple and enjoyable! Each time you make an improvement, the rewards and benefits of an A-Performer start to come your way. These changes energize you to make more improvements.

10 Benefits of Being an A-Performer

Top 10 Benefits of Being an A-Performer

  1. As an A-Performer, you do a better job than average and so you earn and deserve more money than average.
  2. You see opportunities, paths and steps you can take to reach your goals.
  3. You attract good people to you. People enjoy working with you and following you. You are a leader that people trust and support. Other A-Performers want to work for and with you more than anyone else.
  4. Your technical skills are unmatched. You are in the top 5% of your profession. You rarely fail, get involved in complications or need to redo your work.
  5. You have a great reputation. Your personal PR image is an asset you build, protect and improve.
  6. You have plenty of healthy energy to follow your passions and make steady progress toward your goals. You do not waste energy on stress, bad habits or worry. You eat and sleep quite well.
  7. Although you are kind and generous, no one takes advantage of you. You support causes that help others, not just yourself. You are not selfish.
  8. You are your best friend. You are proud of yourself and enjoy being you. No matter what people say or do to you, you cannot be offended.
  9. Your productivity, income and net worth increases every year regardless of the economy.
  10. Your career and life is a game. Winning is natural to you. You have fun!

By using this Performance Analysis, you evaluate your current performance skills. What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? What do you want to improve?

After you rate all 25 skills, your score will be calculated at the bottom along with a description of your Performer Type.

Rate yourself for each of these 25 performance qualities:

1 star = False
2 stars = Mostly False
3 stars = Sometimes
4 stars = Mostly True
5 stars = True