How to Conduct Great Performance Reviews

Why Staff Members Hate Performance Evaluations

No one enjoys a performance review when the boss:

● Emphasizes other matters over productivity, positive behavior and improvement.
● Fails to listen and understand the challenges faced by the staff member.
● Is critical, finds fault and places blame.
● Is superficial and fails to address problems.
● Shocks the employee by accusing him or her of poor behavior based on rumors.
● Ends the evaluation meeting with bad feelings.

Benefits of a Great Performance Review

● Your A- and B-Performers feel motivated and focused. They get a clear understanding of your practice goals and how they fit into the practice’s future. They also learn how they can improve on a day-to-day basis to reach important performance targets.
● You learn the successes of your people, the improvements they want for themselves and for the practice, and the challenges they face each day.
● You resolve disagreements, establish task priorities and work out agreements for the future.

How to Conduct a Great Performance Review

You can now download a copy of our 11-page client guideline at no charge. You can follow these steps to conduct productive performance reviews.

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