What Do Your Patients REALLY Think about You?

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Introducing an exciting new ExecTech service, now included in your consulting program, at no extra charge. We have worked out a stress-free way to get honest feedback from your patients. We help you send them an email with a link to a 10-question survey. They fill it out and get a gift. So far, we are getting a 6% response which is much higher response than we’ve ever seen before.

Your patients can skip any question they do not wish to answer and can remain anonymous. You can see the survey by clicking here.

Five Benefits

With this priceless information from your patients, you will enjoy the following benefits.

1. You learn exactly what your patients like most about you and your staff. You can use this information to increase and expand on these points and thus give your patients an even better experience.

2. If they have any complaints, you can jump on it and fix the problems before they share their complaints with anyone else. If you do not handle any service problems in your office, patients may switch to other providers or even worse, post negative reviews.

3. By asking all of your patients for their feedback, you remind them that you are interested in them and want to give them great service.

4. Some of your inactive patients might come back in. If it’s been over a year, a new question pops up that asks them what we can do to see them again.

5. If they give you a nine-star or ten-star rating, the form thanks them and asks them to post a Yelp review. If they give less than a seven-star rating, the form asks what we can do to make it right.

Example Submissions from Patients

You can see a spreadsheet with 43 surveys from actual patients by clicking here. The spreadsheet does not show the patient  names, however 65% of them included their contact information.

The Gift

As an incentive to get them to fill out the questionnaire, your patients get a copy of “Ten Ways to Prevent Bad Breath” which you can read by clicking here.

The Steps

1. You need your own email system for sending newsletters and other material to your patients. If you do not have this set up, we recommend you do so.

2. Next, we will set up your Quality Checkup account and give you a link to your survey.

3. You send an email blast to all of your patients with email addresses asking them to fill out the survey. We have three email wordings for you to chose from, or you can customize it as you wish. Click here to see the lettersClick here to download the letters as a Word doc file.

4. Whenever a patient fills out the survey, your Quality Checkup system automatically emails the survey submission to you. You can then act on any patient concerns immediately.

Ask your consultant to set up your Quality Checkup account. He or she will go through the surveys with you to plan your improvements.

Let’s move your patient care up to a new level of quality!