Stress Reduction Consulting Program

Good stress includes positive pressure. You push yourself to get difficult tasks done. You control yourself to not react. You change a bad habit with some self pressure. You stay up all night working on an exciting problem or a plan and feel great! All are good forms of stress.

Negative stress is caused by things you are not managing or controlling. These “stressors” or causes of stress are hurting you because you do not handle them. They hurt your health, reduce your success and shorten your life.

Do any of these statements describe you?

❐ I am more worried than people realize.
❐ I find it hard to relax after a hard day of work.
❐ I have health problems because of my stress.
❒ I can’t stop thinking about a problem of mine
❐ I feel like giving up, especially if too many things happen at once.
❐ I dwell on specific persons who have hurt me
❐ I often think about the dark side of things.
❐ I do not sleep well.
❐ I often wonder if practicing is worth the effort.

If so, you have unnecessary stress in your life and can benefit from our help.

Two Options

1. ExecTech’s “Practice Owner Stress Checklist” includes 70 forms of stress. Isolating all of the stressors is the first step to reducing your stress. Go through the checklist and give a score to the items that affect you the most. The areas with the most stress require your attention! Fee: $0.00.

When you take control of these stressors so they no longer hurt you, you feel relief and joy. Life and your work becomes easier and more enjoyable. As a result, you have new potential to accomplish your goals.

2. ExecTech’s Stress Reduction Consulting Program includes three one-hour phone consultations and unlimited email over a one-month period. Fee: $500; guaranteed to reduce your stress or we continue to work with you until your stress is reduced.