Time Management Consulting Program

Unlike money or personal energy, you only get 24 hours per day, just like everyone else.

If you spend your time wisely, you have more of it. If you spend it foolishly, or without management, you never have enough time.

Fortunately, with ExecTech’s “Time Management Checklist,” reorganizing your time is not difficult. You set goals for your time and then implement the time-management techniques that apply to you. As a result, you take command of your time and earn the freedom you deserve.

For example, one of our highly-successful clients hired us for several reasons, including help with his schedule so he could play more softball. Even LOVED playing softball. He played twice a week and wanted to change that to five times per week, while keeping his practice stats rising.

So we went through the items on the checklist and found three that fit him perfectly. He invested his time into better patient-education material; he delegated more work to his staff while increasing their pay; and he stopped wasting time thinking and talking about softball. He just put it on his schedule and went!

Take Better Control of Your Time in Two Ways

1. Buy ExecTech’s 12-page Time Management guideline “45 Ways to Control Your Time” to get more done and free up more time each week. Fee: $19

2. Hire an ExecTech consultant for three one-hour phone consultations to implement the included guideline during a one-month period of time. Includes unlimited emails during the month. Guaranteed to help you take better control of your time or we will continue to work with you, at no additional charge, until you do so. Fee: $500