Trust and Help

Disasters motivate people to help and trust others. Donations of time and money are highest at these times, even when the charity does not help the victims of those disasters. Additionally, when people are victims of a disaster they are more trusting and open to receiving help than at any other time.

Your success as a practice owner is also related to giving and receiving help. The more easily you can trust others and accept their assistance, the faster you can achieve your goals. A disaster is not required.

For example, Dr. Chris believes he gives up his independence and risks betrayal if he trusts someone to give him the help he needs. “I want to be a self-made man.” Dr. Chris also resists giving help and so avoids all discussions about personal issues with patients and staff members. “I made it on my own, so can they.”

As a result, his practice does not grow beyond the amount of production he can do by himself.

Dr. Pat, on the other hand, trusts people and openly gives and receives help. He has a network of 150 people who enjoy helping him with advice, recommendations and support. He also knows thousands of people who have enjoyed receiving his help.

As a result, Dr. Pat has two offices, five partners, eighteen associates and a portfolio worth millions. He serves as a leader in several associations and non-profit organizations. Best of all, Dr. Pat wakes each morning with a smile as bright as the sun.

Five Important Facts about Trust and Help

1. Helping people gives you enormous satisfaction. For example, by putting people in contact with one another, or sharing your expertise, you change their destinies. You share the thrill of challenges and wins.

2. The amount of help available to you and others is unlimited. It is not like a cake with a finite number of pieces. Keeping score of who owes help to who is silly. The fact, is, you can trust and give or receive an unlimited amount of help from anyone, and still have more help available to give or accept.

3. The power of your network grows to the degree you and the others trust and help each other. Refusing to trust or withholding your assistance to others weakens your network. Distrusting and rejecting help from your network closes doors to your opportunities.

4. When you trust someone to help you, don’t stand in their way. For example, if your mentor or consultant recommends you do something out of your comfort zone, trust him or her and do it!

5. The more people with whom you trust and exchange help, the greater your power. The most successful practice owners in the world automatically trust people and accept vast quantities of help from them. They also reciprocate and openly provide as much sincere help as they can, whenever possible.

This is one reason why they are the lucky ones.

Take Two Giant Leaps to Success

First, be generous with your help. Assist patients and staff members with their personal difficulties. Help former employees with recommendations and referrals. Help your parents and spouse. Guide teenagers with their career choices. Spend time teaching children. Assist colleagues in new ways. Support to your professional groups. Volunteer for causes in which you believe. Take an active role in your community.

Second, trust others and accept their help. Ask patients to help with insurance problems and to recommend your practice. Ask your staff to help you with ideas, responsibility and hard work. Get all the help you can from colleagues, consultants and professional associations.

Your ability to give and receive help determines your value and success.


Practice Management Analysis: For your practice to succeed, you need to master twelve management skills. You need skills for managing staff, managing patients and managing a business. You need skills for marketing your practice, collecting from insurance companies and controlling your overhead.

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