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Five-minute video by ExecTech partner Mike Graves on “The Four Types of Patients You Don’t Need in Your Practice” — and what you can do about them.

Watch this video to learn how ExecTech works, what problems we address and what we can do for you.



What is Your Strategy?

How are you going to attract the new patients that you need? How are you going to handle all the changes coming up in the industry? How are you going to reach your financial goals? If you never have a good strategy, based on proven ideas, you will probably not reach your goals.

The economy, the insurance plans, the government, your referral sources, your staff and your patients control your practice more than you control your practice. Your future is not in your hands. If, however, you have a step-by-step strategy, that takes you to your goals, you control your future.

ExecTech’s Strategy Consultation

One reason ExecTech clients are so successful is they have strategies in place. They know what they need to do and how to do it. They make progress because they follow step-by-step plans.

Helping you with your strategies is the purpose of a new telephone consulting service from ExecTech. You can get this strategy consultation call at no charge. During the consultation we will review your needs, your challenges and your opportunities. We will suggest and explain a variety strategies for you to consider. We will also share with you our experiences with these strategies.

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