Wealth Rule #1: The Law of Belief

You act in a manner consistent with your beliefs, especially your beliefs about yourself.

The first step to becoming independently wealthy is to believe you are destined to be a big financial success. When you are absolutely convinced that you are a “financial success in the making,” you take actions that make it come true.

If you wait for someone else to make you wealthy, your future wealth is out of your control.

If you have doubts about yourself, you will limit yourself. You will not take the actions you need to become wealthy. 

Everyone who is better off than you started with the believe that they would do well. They have also learned and implemented the other 14 Wealth Rules. You can do the same.

Decide that you are going to make yourself independently wealthy.


What do you believe will happen with your financial condition in the future? Do you hope you will become rich? Do you worry you might end up broke? Do you have no idea?


The fact is this: your expectations will determine your fate. Whatever you believe or expect will happen IS GOING TO HAPPEN.

If you constantly worry you will have no money, that is probably what will happen.

If you are just waiting or expecting someone or something to make you wealthy, you can kick back and entertain yourself. If they do not come through, you will not be wealthy.

Because your actions match your beliefs, the best belief you can have is that you are destined to be a big financial success. When you are absolutely convinced that you are “a financial success in the making,” you take steps that make this come true.


1. What happens if you doubt yourself?

2. What happens if you have no idea what will happen?

3. What is the great power for your success?



1. List all the reasons you have for not becoming a financial success. You can use the box below, if you like. For example,

“I’m just not making enough as it is.”
“I work my butt off, but never get ahead.”
“People like me never get rich.”
“Jack is broke. We are very similar.”

2. Write down some reasons why you will become a financial success.

“I’m always watching for opportunities.”
“I can improve my income by improving my performance.”
“I can imagine having all the money I need and want.”
“Jill is making really good money. We are very similar.”

3. Imagine having the money you need and want. Answer these three questions:
“When I’m a financial success I will have $___ in savings.”
“I will use my money to _____.“
“I will use my time doing other things, like _____.”

Action Plan Steps

How can you start believing you will be a financial success?

Check any Action Steps you want and some steps of your own. (Ideally, they can reword my examples).

1. “Each morning I will think about being rich in the future.”

2. “Whenever I worry about money, I will remind myself that this is a temporary worry.”

3. “When I want something I cannot afford right now, I will think how I will eventually earn the money I need for it.”

4. “When I’m not sure if I’ll be a financial success, I will replace my doubts with and remember that I WILL make it go right, and then I’ll smile to myself.”



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