ExecTech’s purpose is to help you achieve major, permanent improvements to your practice with a return on your investment (ROI) that pays off for the rest of your career. Unlike other practice-management programs, ExecTech provides personalized, one-on-one consulting and coaching to help you implement systems that:

  • Makes you and your team into A-Performers
  • Increases your flow of new patients
  • Improves your patients’ experience
  • Boosts the mood of your practice
  • Helps you make progress toward your goals

As a result, you gain the knowledge and skills you need to create an A-Team, increase your profit and create the practice of your dreams. To show how ExecTech can help you, you can download several articles, guidelines and booklets to make immediate improvements to your practice. You can also sign up for our free “Tips and Ideas” weekly articles.

You can read what our clients have to say online.  Even more reviews are under “About ExecTech.”

We also offer introductory services and books to help you. As a result, you get solid ideas you can use to make major improvements to your practice while learning how ExecTech operates.

If you already like the “Tips and Ideas” weekly articles, we hope you find even more benefits from the resources available through this website!

“The Fish Stinks from the Head Down” This Sicilian expression means the problems in an organization start at the top.

“The Fish Stinks from the Head Down” is a Sicilian expression that means the problems in an organization start at the top.

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Staff Member Analysis Tool: For a quick analysis of a staff member, select the choice that best describes him or her for these fifteen characteristics. Use this tool to evaluate yourself, as well.


Practice Management Analysis: For your practice to succeed, you need to master twelve management skills. You need skills for managing staff, managing patients and managing a business. You need skills for marketing your practice, collecting from insurance companies and controlling your overhead.

Create the Practice of Your Dreams

“How to Create the Practice of Your Dreams” paperback contains 50 short chapters that help you attract more new patients, generate more support from your patients and staff, and increase your profit.

More Profit, Less Stress Booklet

“More Profit, Less Stress” is a 42-page booklet that describes the greatest difficulties practice owners face along with solutions to deal with these difficulties. The booklet outlines the five ways you can increase your profit and much more.

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How your Golden Goose can give you more golden eggs than ever!

Learn why ExecTech consulting is so effective.

Learn why ExecTech consulting is so effective.

Your success as a practice owner is also related to giving and receiving help. The more easily you can trust others and accept their assistance, the faster you can achieve your goals. A disaster is not required.


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10 Ways to Manage Your Anger

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Read what our clients have to say about their ExecTech experiences.


Are You Working for Peanuts? Drop your least-profitable plans and stop feeling like a monkey.

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Unlike other consulting companies, we at ExecTech do not try to dazzle you with seminars, promise you the moon or use high-pressure sales. Instead, we prefer to meet with you by phone or in person and form a friendly relationship, and see if we can help you, now or in the future.

One of the keys to ExecTech’s success is SYSTEMS. We help our clients implement step-by-step systems or procedures to help them take command of their practices, profits and futures. For every problem, challenge and situation you face, ExecTech has a system to help you conquer it.