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What are ExecTech's Chatbots?

Introducing ExecTech’s Self-improvement Chatbots

To be an A-Performer, you need to be confident, courageous, smart, friendly, professional, enthusiastic and in control. You cannot be a complainer, a failure, a slob, moody, afraid or inefficient.

To learn more about being an A-Performer, click here. You can also find out if you are an A-Performer, B-Performer, C-Performer or D-Performer by answering these 35 questions.

ExecTech’s new chatbots help you be more of an A-Performer by improving your mood, reducing your stress, helping you make key decisions and more..

How Chatbots Work

Chatbots are small website programs that simulate human conversations. You use them to make hotel reservations, schedule appointments, ask questions and more. They are all over the internet. They are not yet very intelligent.

At ExecTech, we use chatbot technology to have private self-improvement conversations. They are not Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots, but “scripted” chatbots that follow set routines. For example, when a scripted chatbot asks, “How are you?” and you reply, “Fine” or “I’m sick today,” a scripted chatbot replies “OK” to both of your replies. A scripted chatbot also works well with multiple-choice questions; For example the chatbot asks, “Did this chatbot help? Yes? No?” It then has a response for “Yes” and a different one for “No.” 

An AI chatbot tries to act like a human using a huge database of possible answers. At best, they are entertaining. For example, the AI chatbot asks, “How are you?” and you reply “I’m sick,” the chatbot might be programmed to recognize that statement and reply, “Sorry to hear that.” However, if you reply, “I’m so sick I tossed my cookies” (meaning you vomited) the AI chatbot might reply, “What kind of cookies?”

Five Benefits

1. Improve Your Mood

Before you can perform at your best, you need to be as enthusiastic and optimistic as possible. Fortunately, with a little chatbot work, you can boost your mood within a few minutes.

2. Solve Problems

ExecTech chatbots help you break down problems so you can discover your best solutions. For example, you can’t make an important decision. You use the decision-making chatbot (Chatbot #7) to break down your choices until you see your best decision. When a decision is right, you know it’s right.

3. Constantly Improve

Use ExecTech chatbots to contantly improve your life skills. For example, your passion for perfection makes it difficult for you and your team to work together. So you use Chatbot #6 to lighten up. You become a better leader and your staff members improve their performance.

4. Relieve Your Stress

Nothing can ruin your performance like stress. It eats up your energy, clouds your mind and blocks your performance. For example, a work problem keeps you awake. You grab your phone and have a conversation with Chatbot #2. Your self-confidence improves significantly. You feel relieved and go to sleep.

5. Get Motivated

For example, you are not very excited about today. You take a few minutes to use Chatbot #1 to make your day an awesome day. You suddenly feel optimistic and energized. Your day now goes well.

How to Use ExecTech’s Chatbots

Click one of the “Start Chatbot” buttons and follow the instructions. We recommend you start with Chatbot #1 “Awesome Day” or Chatbot #2 “Self Love.”

To use ExecTech chatbots, there is no need to register nor pay a fee. Your conversations are private and anonymous. You do not install an app and the chatbot system does not place markers or “cookies” in your computer.

The chatbot does not give you solutions, but simply asks you questions until you find your own solutions. Finding and acting on YOUR solutions boosts your self-confidence, acknowledges your intelligence and makes you more of an A-Performer.

Give each one a try!

How to Put a Chatbot Link on Your Favorite Device

If you place an icon link on your device, you can go directly to this page with just one click or tap.

Windows 10 Computer Using Chrome
1. While on this page click the menu icon (three bars, top right corner)
2. Click “More Tools”
3. Click “Create shortcut”

Windows 7 Computer Using Any Browser
1. While on this page, right-click the address bar that shows this webpage (https://exectechweb.com/chatbots)
2. Select “Copy”
3. Go to an empty space on your desktop
4. Right-click and select “New” and then “Shortcut”

Apple Computer and iPhone
1. While on this page, tap or click the Share button (box with up arrow)
2. Tap or click “Add to Home Screen”

Android Phone
1. While on this page, tap the menu icon (three dots, top right corner)
2. Select “Add to Home Screen”

Explain Chatbot #1: How to Have an Awesome Day

Chatbot #1: How to Have an Awesome Day

You have probably heard, “Everyone has good days and bad days” or “Some days are better than others.”

Well, each day is actually a new opportunity to make the most of your life. ExecTech’s “Chatbot #1: Awesome Day” conducts a short, but effective conversation to define your ideal day and to also help you work out a plan. You follow your plan and you get an awesome day!

If you follow your plan and your day is not awesome, simply go through the chatbot conversation again. You can also see if one of our other chatbots can help you.

By taking advantage of our chatbots, and by persisting, you can and will make every day awesome!

Explain Chatbot #2: How to Build Your Self-Confidence, Increase Your Self-Respect and Love Yourself

Chatbot #2: Self Love

The purpose of this chatbot is to help you to see why you should admire, respect and appreciate . . . you!

If you do not love yourself, if you have a poor opinion of yourself or if you criticize yourself, you do not succeed.

If you somehow get others to like you, praise you or validate you, despite your lack of self love, you still do not succeed.

However, if you improve your opinion of yourself, you open the door to more confidence, better performance and a happier life.

You may have heard that loving yourself is wrong or immoral. This may be true if you are a narcissist, which means you love only yourself and no one else. They are selfish, arrogant and demanding. No matter what horrible selfish things they do, they never apologize nor feel guilty.

Fortunately, you are not a narcissist as you see room for improvement. You can love yourself without being a narcissist. It’s vital to your mental health and future success. Without it, you feel horrible!

Go through this chatbot conversation until you feel an improvement. You can then end off for the day or continue, as you wish. You can also repeat this conversation on a regular basis.

Each time you use the chatbot, you move closer to a stronger, more positive self-image. Your confidence and sell-esteem will steadily improve.

All A-Performers love themselves. Use this chatbot to become your own best friend.

Explain Chatbot #3: How to Follow Your Impulses to Succeed

Chatbot #3: Do You Want to Win or Do You Want to Fail?

Everyone has two types of impulses.

1. The impulse to survive well, reach goals and succeed. You have a drive to thrive. All A-Performers act on this impulse.

2. The other type of impulse is to do poorly, succumb and fail. You cannot succeed by following this impulse. Sooner or later, you destroy yourself.

When you follow the impulse to succeed, you insist on improvement. You expect to win. You reach your goals no matter what it takes.

When you are following the impulse to succumb, you allow things to go badly. You find excuses rather than take positive action. You feel like avoiding problems or giving up.

The purpose of this chatbot is to sort out your impulses and find ways to follow your positive ones. When you do this, you make better plans, you have more confidence and you constantly increase your performance.


Explain Chatbot #4: How to Eliminate Fear

Chatbot #4: No Fear

What are you afraid of?

To be an A-Performer, you cannot let fear control you. Fear makes you give up on your goals and on yourself. Fear is a HUGE obstacle and may well be the greatest barrier to your success.

Fear examples: failure, rejection, death, disease, certain people, certain places, loss, injury, pain, theft, public speaking, flying, getting worse, too much success, marriage, offending someone, being criticized, making mistakes, etc.

The Destructive Effects of Fear

Fear creates “can’ts.” “I can’t lay down my own rules. I can’t discuss money. I can’t correct my kid’s behavior. I can’t work too hard. I can’t tell the truth. I can’t reach my goals. I can’t offend anyone.”

Fear breeds doubt: “Do I know what I’m doing? Am I going in the right direction? Am I good enough?”

Fear changes the color of situations. Aggressive people look dangerous. All salespeople look like con artists. Opportunities look like risks.

Fears cause mistakes. For example, you agree to deals that are not good for you. You get confused and upset when you should be calm and professional. You avoid forceful people because of a fear of confrontation. You take the easy way out, even if your goals are in a different direction.

Fear is a terrible emotion that ruins your happiness and can hold you back throughout your life.

Fear also produces harmful solutions. “If I make people afraid of me, I won’t have to deal with them.” “Avoiding people is good.” Worst of all, “I must destroy him before he destroys me.”

To be an A-Performer, you need courage. You must be a stabilizing force. You must face every aspect of your life without hesitation. You must show and feel no fear.

ExecTech’s “No Fear” chatbot helps you deal with one fear at a time. I gets you to look at each fear from several directions, and then helps you work out a plan to reduce and eliminate that fear.

Explain Chatbot #5: How to Heal and Improve Relationships

Chatbot #5: Heal and Improve Relationships

The purpose of this chatbot is to make you feel happier about any relationship that has gone sour. It can help with a marriage, a friendship, a business relationship and more.

Being an A-Performer is difficult, if not impossible, if you feel upset, sad or grief from a unhappy relationship. It can make you moody, inattentive and difficult to work with.

Unfortunately, this chatbot cannot resolve abusive relationships. If either party is intentionally harming the other on a regular basis, mentally or physically, the relationship should end. Both parties need to move on.

However, most relationships can be healed. At one point, the relationship was working and beneficial for everyone involved. In fact, the better the relationship used to be, the more devastating the broken relationship can now feel.

Fortunately, healing and improving these kinds of relationship is possible, if both parties are open and willing to look at solutions.

How this Chatbot Works

You start by looking at the broken relationship, called an “upset” in the chatbot. You look at both positions, both intentions, individual weaknesses and individual strengths. You formulate potential solutions to resolve the upset and take action to fix the upset.

The solutions are not based on concessions or compomises. The ideal solution does not mean both sides are equally unhappy. The ideal solution makes both parties quite happy and opens the door to an improved relationship.

When you construct a win-win solution, you can join forces to handle common problems, accomplish major tasks and reach specific goals. You turn an upsetting situation into a constructive alliance. You will find new joy in the relationship.

Option: This chatbot can be used by both parties, but individually. You and the other person each work out your individual solutions with the chatbot. You then discuss your solutions to find the solution that works best for all.

Explain Chatbot #6: How to Lighten Up and Have More Fun

Chatbot #6: Lighten Up!

We all need to be serious at certain times about certain topics. For example, saving lives during natural disasters or dealing with deadly diseases.

However, being too serious hurts you as it builds unnecessary stress, ruins the mood of others and makes you less effective. Most of the important responsibilities and difficulties you face do not require you to become “serious” in order to deal with these responsibilities. In fact, the opposite is true.

When you can lighten up, despite important problems, you feel healthier, more energetic and better motivated to tackle your tasks. You think more clearly which helps you find brilliant solutions. You can even have fun while taking on your biggest problems.

This ExecTech chatbot asks you key questions that make you examine your most serious issues in a new light. You can find your inner ability to lighten up to help solve your biggest problems. If nothing else, you can and should smile more often despite your burdens, responsibilities and concerns.

Explain Chatbot #7: How to Make Brilliant Decisions

Chatbot #7: Decision Maker

Everyone has made bad decisions, such as poor financial choices, cheap devices, dishonest companions and so on. However, to succeed as an A-Performer, you to know how to make the best decisions possible.

If you are afraid of decisions, you build up stress, create confusion and make people wait. Worst of all, you may decide to do nothing and miss important opportunities.

The wrong way to make decisions is to take a vote. You go around asking for people’s thoughts and opinions about your decisions. You end with a popular choice, which can be a very bad decision. If you manage your life based on popularity, your failure is guaranteed.

ExecTech’s Decision Maker chatbot walks you through your choices and the key qualities of the best choice. In some cases, you need to go through the chatbot a few times until you see your very best decision.

Once you make a good decision, you do not regret it. It stands the test of time. A series of correct decisions will build your certainty and confidence.

When it comes to good decisions, it’s better to be right than to be popular.