J.D. Wilkinson

In addition to his consultant training through ExecTech, J.D. has had extensive training and experience in leadership and management. J.D. graduated from Illinois State University in 1973 and began his business career in 1977. He also owned and successfully managed a construction company for 13 years.

J.D. joined the ExecTech of Northern California team in 2004 and soon became one of ExecTech’s most popular consultants. He helps his clients sort out their goals and priorities. They can then focus on a clear and positive path that produces steady improvement and controlled growth.

Although J.D.’s advice is accurate and valuable in all aspects of a practice management, he finds practice marketing and promotion to be the most enjoyable. He has a solid reputation as the Master of New Patients!

J.D. considers himself to be an unofficial business partner who collaberates with his clients to ensure each of them succeeds (but at a fraction of the cost of what a real partner would earn). As a result, most of his clients ask to continue working with J.D., year after year.

J.D. spends his free time riding his mountain bike, spending time with his granddaughters and continuing his education.