What Do You Hate about Managing Your Practice?

Do you spend too much time and attention on staff problems, ineffective marketing, computer issues, legal risks, excessive overhead and other stressful issues?

Would you rather just focus on patient treatment and care? To do what you are trained to do?

If so, you probably know about these three options:

1. Continue to struggle and hope for the best.

2. Figure out how to manage your practice with trial and error, management books, seminars and consultants.

3. Sell your practice to a group, a Management Services Organization or a hospital, and become an employee.

Now you have a new option.

Introducing ExecTech’s Hands-on Management Program

Instead of a consulting program, we create a management partnership with you, tailored to your likes and dislikes. We take over your headaches.

You retain full ownership of the practice. You control the treatment and clinical aspects of the practice. You do what you’re good at.

We do what we’re good at and handle the management functions of the practice for you, including:

1. Staff Management: hiring, training, coaching, statistical management, performance improvement, correction, discipline and termination.

2. Web Presence: website, practice video, SEO, online reviews, social media.

3. Marketing: advertising, referral systems, newsletters, professional referrals.

4. First Impression: Patients and visitors receive VIP treatment whenever they visit the office

5. Patient management: treatment compliance, payments, scheduling, complaints, feedback.

6. Financial management: Collections, payroll, overhead management, lease.

7. Statistical management: Assigning and management by statistics, online stat system.

8. Risk management: HIPAA and OSHA compliance, virus protection, malpractice, staff policy manual, labor risk prevention.

9. Career management: goals, motivation, personal power, time management, stress, personal/professional balance, personal PR image, goals.

10. Net worth: Increase practice value, form partnerships with associates and potential buyers, expansion, new facilities, retirement planning and practice sales.


When compared to selling your practice to a larger organization, the benefits to you from ExecTech’s management program are enormous!

1. You can focus on giving patients quality care without the stress and distraction of management headaches.

2. ExecTech focuses on office efficiency, productivity and profit; it never dictates your patient treatment decisions, procedures, equipment choices or referrals to other professionals.

3. No one pressures your patients to receive expensive, unnecessary care.

4. You manage the parts of your practice you love to manage and delegate the rest to ExecTech.

5. You still own your practice. You are never an employee nor can you be fired by a group.

6. You work with a management team with your interests in mind, not a group of doctors with their group’s interests in mind.

7. The organizational systems implemented in your practice remain a part of your practice.

8. You can sell your practice to anyone you like, whenever you like.

9. Your fee arrangements with ExecTech fees are customized to create a win-win future. We can operate with an annual or monthly fee, a percentage of the income or a percentage of the growth.

10. You can change or cancel your ExecTech management program at any time. A termination fee may apply.

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