Mike Graves

Mike Graves began consulting the health care industry in 1984. Since that time he has consulted more than 2000 dental practices across the U.S. He moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and joined ExecTech of Northern California as a partner in 1996. He is now the Senior Consultant for our Florida office and has helped train consultants across the country.

His consulting philosophy is simple: “As far as I am concerned, there is no problem that does not have a solution. When clients come to ExecTech, they bring us their dreams and ask us to help them achieve those dreams. This is more than just a job, it is a trust and a privilege.”

Mike has delivered more than 2500 practice management workshops nationwide and especially enjoys “designing customized workshops that fit the needs of a particular audience or practice.” He has received rave reviews on his staff management workshops, his marketing and customer service workshops, and many others.

Comments from Mike’s Client

“In the worst part of the recession I would hear my colleagues complaining that their practices were doing very poorly. My practice numbers continued to increase significantly every month. Working with ExecTech senior consultant Mike Graves is the best investment in my practice that I have ever made.” – Lakshmy Sudeep, DDS – San Jose

“My monthly statistics have almost tripled since I started working with my ExecTech consultant Mike Graves. I have added an associate and I am planning to add a second full-time hygienist in November. My office is a harmonious, finely-tuned machine, and I have doubled the physical size of my office. I see nothing but potential growth in the future.” – Dawud Muhaimin, DDS – Vacaville

“Although we were producing in a good range when I started the ExecTech program, my production and collections have increased more than 100%. My consultant, Mike Graves, also helped me with an expansion plan to build a brand new facility that doubled the size of my old office. This was the best money that I have ever spent!” — Titus Tang, DDS – Daly City