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Welcome as a new ExecTech coaching client! We are happy and honored you have hired us as your coaching company.

ExecTech Motivation Coaching helps you find solutions for solving problems and making progress toward your goals. You answer specific questions and your coach carefully listens to your answers, acknowledges your answers and asks you the next question. You talk about your goals, visions, challenges and priorities. As a result, your confidence increases and you feel more enthusiastic.

What Your ExecTech Motivation Coach Does and Does Not Do

1. Your coach is not a cheerleader. He or she will not motivate you with a pep talk or with praise. Instead, your coach uses questions to guide you to conclusions that energize you!

2. Your coach is not a counselor, minister or psychologist. His or her job is to ask the right questions at the right time, listen to your answers and acknowledge you.

3. Your coach will not be training you. Instead, he or she helps you learn more about yourself, your passions and your natural abilities.

4. Your coach will not evaluate you, criticize you or tell you what you should think, even if you ask for an opinion. Instead, your coach helps you reach your own conclusions. He or she asks great questions so you can find great answers.

5. Your coach will not even give you advice, suggestions or recommendations. For this, ExecTech Consulting is the best in the business. When combined with ExecTech Coaching, your success is inevitable!

How ExecTech Motivation Coaching Works

You meet with your coach by telephone once each week. You and your coach agree on a problem, a goal or a topic to address in the coaching session. Then, you simply answer questions.

Motivation coaching works best if you can talk in private and without distractions. Your answers are kept confidential. The more honestly and openly you communicate with your coach, the greater your results.

While you may not feel highly motivated at the end of every coaching session, you will find the sessions interesting, revealing and enjoyable. You will discover new ideas and will be better prepared for your weekly challenges.

As a result, you WILL begin to make progress, increase your confidence and feel more and more motivated.

Once you reach your peak and are operating “in the zone,” your coaching sessions will focus on keeping you highly motivated, passionate and enthusiastic. As you take on more and more, life will throw new problems and difficulties at you. Yet with your coach backing you up, nothing will stop you.

What Is Next?

If you have not yet scheduled your first session, your coach will be contacting you soon.

If you need to reschedule a coaching session, please give your coach at least 24-hours notice.

Coaching sessions work best if you are not hungry or tired. You should also be in a place where you will not be distracted during the session, such as in a noisy location or driving your car.

Feel free to contact the Coaching Supervisor at any time for any reason: 800-458-0644, ext. 503 or

To your success!

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